Composable Networking

Composable Network Protocol (CNP) Packages

  • Control plane applications for disaggregated NOS

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    Built on our unique microservices architecture

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    Granularly select only the best individual protocols

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    Completely non-service affecting install and upgrade

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    Superior quality and world leading support services

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What is Composable Networking?


Composable networking is a software architecture philosophy that allows operators to choose the right combination of network operating system and individual networking applications for their specific use case.

Metaswitch Composable Network Protocols (CNP) are critical components in this evolution. With a viable choice of network protocol stacks, white boxes with disaggregated NOSes are now practical for all data center operators plus service provider edge and core architectures.

Deploy only the protocols you need and granularly add new ones on-demand. Select the best or most efficient protocol stack for the job, be it Composable Network Protocols from Metaswitch, the open source community or another supplier. Disaggregated Network Operating Systems democratize network design, opening infrastructures to the power of choice while liberating network architects from the scourge of single-vendor switching and routing solutions.

Our portfolio of Composable Network Protocols offer:

  • Control plane applications for disaggregated NOS
  • Built on our unique microservices architecture
  • Packages of key layer 2 and 3 control plane features
  • Completely non-service affecting install and upgrade
  • Superior quality and world leading support services

Born of our 35 years’ experience in delivering commercial networking software solutions to over 250 network equipment vendors, Metaswitch has a complete suite of hardened and fully supported composable network protocols, ensuring your network is never out of tune.

Download a full evaluation version of the CNP-Base package for OpenSwitch

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Why use Metaswitch's composable networking?

Our portfolio of Composable Network Protocol (CNP) stacks offers a level of feature richness and reliability unmatched by open source alternatives, with each being hardened and field proven across applications ranging from enterprise data center fabrics to service provider core infrastructures. Moreover, our world-class service and support provide peace of mind when employing this granular disaggregated approach in mission-critical environments

These Composable Network Protocols have been packaged for deployment with the OpenSwitch (OPX) Network Operating System. These can be deployed and updated in a completely non-service-affecting manner.

  • CNP-Base-OPX: The Metaswitch CNP-Base-OPX package provides the foundation for employing composable networking on OpenSwitch
  • CNP-MCAST: The Metaswitch CNP-MCAST package is targeted at network operators wanting to deliver multicast services to increase stability and scalability in their data centers.
  • CNP-MPLS: The Metaswitch CNP-MPLS package turns white box switches into complete multiprotocol label switching platforms. 
  • CNP-VPN: The Metaswitch CNP-VPN package delivers the protocols required to implement highly robust, resilient and scalable data center interconnect (DCI).

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