NOS Toolkit

The Metaswitch NOS Toolkit is the ideal foundation from which to build your next Network Operating System. It is a full source-code reference solution which comprises all applicable components, including management, networking protocols and integration with the Broadcom Software Development Kit (SDK). The Metaswitch NOS Toolkit provides a complete portable software solution for OAM, Switching, Routing plus Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), which can run on both classic hardware or pure software data planes.

At the heart of our solution is our portfolio of portable protocol implementations, which have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of Carrier, Datacenter and Enterprise applications at Internet scale.

On the Northbound side, our NOS toolkit offers a range of management interfaces for integration with CLIs, NETCONF or SNMP-based management systems and proprietary management agents, and is pre-integrated with ConfD from Tail-F. On the Southbound side, Metaswitch offers pre-integration with Linux, P4 and OpenvSwitch, or hardware data planes such as those provided by Broadcom. The NOS Toolkit also supports integration with abstraction interfaces such as SAI and OpenNSL.

  • Rapid time to market and low risk: There’s very little work for you to ship product, so you can focus on whatever your unique value-add is.
  • Affords total flexibility: You have the source code, so can change any aspect of the NOS if you need to.
  • Our reference implementation employs Open Networking Linux (ONL): For easy integration of platform-specific controls (i.e. fans, LEDs) and your own software applications, but works on all Linux variants.
  • The solution is suitable for all Broadcom XGS-based platforms today, with DNX support coming soon.
  • Features Metaswitch protocols: The industry choice for feature-rich control plane software with carrier class quality and scalability, which we’re constantly adding the latest protocol support to.
  • Includes our world-leading support: Our support contact is an engineer that wrote the code!

Build your own Network Operating System

Metaswitch’s NOS cookbook explains how to build a Network Operating System in today’s world of disaggregated routers.

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