Protocol Stacks for OEMs

Open, modular networking stacks and solutions backed by experts

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The NOS Toolkit

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    Open: Linux, SAI, OpenSwitch, FDIO, NetConf, RESTConf, Broadcom, Confd.

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    Modular: choose which modules run, distribute over many cores/threads/OS processes

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    Feature rich: the most innovative and feature-rich solutions in the industry

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    Resilience and High Availability: state replication, in-service upgrades, location transparency, distribution

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    Exceptional support and quality: ask any of our customers

Why use Metaswitch’s protocol stacks?

Metaswitch is the world leader in networking technologies for system vendors, service providers, and data center environments. For over 30 years we have provided networking software protocols, products, and services which deliver significant reductions in development cost, risk and time to market.

The portable and flexible characteristics of our well-proven software architecture have enabled us to lead our customers and partners in the shift towards virtualized and software defined networks.

  • Open APIs enabling true plug-and-play integration with solutions supporting industry-standard interfaces
  • Modular components provide the freedom and efficiency to install/run only the modules needed for particular applications
  • The latest functionality, standards, interfaces and architecture flexibility
  • Resilience provided by state replication, in-service upgrades, location transparency and distribution
  • 80 percent of our customers confirm we are the best vendor they work with

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