NOS Toolkit

  • Develop a complete Network Operating System
  • Accelerate time to market; focus on value-add
  • Features our portfolio of network protocols

What is it?

The NOS Toolkit is the ideal foundation for OEMs to build modern network functions. It is a complete source code reference architecture, comprising all applicable components including management, networking protocols, OAM and hardware abstraction. The NOS Toolkit provides a totally portable software solution for switching, routing, MPLS and VPNs which can run on classic hardware or pure software platforms.


How do we help?

With a suite of protocol stacks employed by the world’s largest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Metaswitch now makes it quick and easy to develop and integrate a complete Network Operating System. Whether you want to quickly bring a new product to market or use precious development cycles to focus on your unique features, our seasoned support team will help ensure the NOS is robust and reliable.


When to contact us.

Are you using white box switches, developing a proprietary network function, or building components based on open hardware designs like the Telecom Infra Project (TIP)? Do you want to create new network services entirely in software? Metaswitch has long been the choice of OEMs for feature-rich control plane software with carrier class quality and scalability. We can now bring that expertise to your entire NOS.


The NOS Cookbook

Metaswitch’s NOS cookbook explains how to build a robust Network Operating System in today’s world of disaggregated routers using the Metaswitch NOS Toolkit or various open source networking technologies.

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Networking Protocol Stacks

With 30 years experience developing layer 2, layer 3 and management protocol stacks,  Metaswitch is the world leader in networking technologies for system vendors, service providers, and data center environments. 

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Metaswitch NOS running MPLS

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