Protocol Stacks

  • Open, modular and portable networking software
  • Routing, control plane and management protocols
  • Exceptional quality and superior support services 

What is it?

Metaswitch has a large portfolio of portable network protocols for developing routing and control plane products supporting layer 2 and layer 3 services. Renowned for their resilient and modular design, these stacks are used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for building hardware or software platforms that are ultimately deployed in data infrastructures ranging from optical core to wireless edge. 


How do we help?

For over 30 years, Metaswitch has provided fully standardized and open networking software protocols that deliver significant reductions in development cost, risk and time to market. The portable and flexible nature of our proven software architecture has enabled us to support hundreds of OEMs as deployment demands have evolved from proprietary hardware boxes to virtualized software platforms.


When to contact us.

Are you building you own switching and routing hardware using custom ASICS? Or maybe using white boxes and merchant silicon? Are you delivering products for Ethernet? MPLS? TCP/IP? SDN? SD-WAN? VPN? Cloud Data Centers? Our team of specialists are on hand to not only help integrate code but provide your engineers with complete support throughout the development cycle. Trust in our experience.


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