Rhino Telephony Application Server

  • Multimedia Telephony Application Server (MMTel-AS)
  • Deployable in public, private or hybrid compute clouds
  • Provide CS service parity and develop new applications

What is it?

The Rhino Telephony Application Server (TAS) is fully compliant with the GSMA’s IMS Profile for Voice and SMS (IR.92), IMS Profile for Conversational Video Service (IR.94) and IMS over Wi-Fi (IR.51) permanent reference documents. It can be deployed in public, private or hybrid clouds to deliver complete multimedia telephony (MMTel) services such as VoLTE and 5G VoNR and supports legacy CS feature parity.


How do we help?

Rhino was built to support mobile network operators as they transition to full IP service infrastructures and complete cloud architectures. A service interaction framework enables SS7 and IMS interworking while providing feature parity with circuit switched voice services. Rhino’s open service creation environment also enables the development of unique telephony applications and services.


When to contact us.

Is the platform you chose for initial VoLTE deployments designed to be deployed within public, private or hybrid clouds? Can you realize the capital and operational savings of modern compute platforms for deploying VoNR? Are you struggling to cost-effectively deploy customized wireline or wireless voice services for businesses or consumers requiring a global presence? Meet these modern business challenges with Rhino.


Rhino TAS Datasheet

Rhino TAS provides a development and delivery environment for converged CS SS7 and PS IMS networks. Adapters enable services to interact with charging platforms, internal IT systems, user databases and web servers.

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Rhino VoLTE Datasheet

The Rhino VoLTE TAS provides open, extendable, network-hosted IMS functions for voice, video and messaging over LTE,  WiFi and 5G New Radio (NR). It features unique service creation capabilities to deliver enhanced applications.

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