Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

Metaswitch's DC-ATM software products provide a complete source code solution for all ATM device vendors, including developers of ATM end systems, test equipment, access devices, enterprise and backbone switches, and interworking devices. The suite includes an entire range of fully fault-tolerant and fully distributable portable ATM software. In conjunction with Metaswitch's IP Routing, MPLS, MGCP/Megaco, and SIP products, the DC-ATM software can form part of comprehensive protocol interworking and gateway devices.

Complete ATM solutions

The DC-ATM products can be used in any combination to provide a complete solution for a broad range of ATM devices, as in the following examples.

  • Simple ATM edge or end systems can be built using DC-Signalling and DC-ILMI.
  • Core ATM switches can add full SVC call forwarding, PVC, Soft PVC and PNNI routing support using DC-Signalling, DC-PNNI, DC-Call Control, and DC-SPVC.
  • ATM server or IP access devices can include DC-LANE, DC-MPOA and DC-IPOA to gateway into non-ATM networks.

Additionally, all of these devices can incorporate the DC-ATM Fault Tolerance Manager to provide resilience to software and hardware faults.

All of the DC-ATM products are pre-integrated. For example, when building an ATM switch, customers only have to write integration code to manage the system, integrate with the SAR, and integrate with the switch fabric. It is not necessary to provide additional code to make the individual components work together.

Distributed architecture

The flexible architecture of DC-ATM products means that the software can be distributed across multiple processors, preventing bottlenecks during call forwarding, and allowing for truly scalable systems. The N-BASE operating environment in which the DC-ATM software runs allows components to be distributed in any way that is convenient, without changing one line of protocol code.

For example:

  • DC-Signalling, DC-Call Control, and DC-PNNI routing can be distributed to line cards, allowing call forwarding to take place without going through a central processor (as shown in the diagram below).
  • DC-ILMI and the SSCS layer of DC-Signalling can be distributed to line cards, while the signalling and routing occurs on a central processor.
  • DC-Signalling and DC-Call Control can be distributed to line cards, with routing running on a central processor.


All the DC-ATM products have been architected to include unique and innovative features such as

  • fault tolerance
  • scalable distributed architecture
  • sophisticated debug and diagnostics facilities.

The rich feature set and highly portable nature of DC-ATM minimises the amount of engineering effort that is required to incorporate the products into an ATM device.

DC-ATM products are industry-standard, implementing all the relevant ATM Forum and ITU specifications. They are tested against numerous industry implementations, and we regularly take part in interoperability events. All DC-ATM products are guaranteed to interoperate with any released ATM product.

All DC-ATM products support SNMP Management, and incorporate the relevant standard MIBs for easy integration with any SNMP agent software, including Epilogue and Emanate.

The DC-ATM products are backed up by an expert and responsive support service, provided by engineers all of whom have worked on the development of the ATM products.

Product list

DC-ATM comprises a number of co-operating products, as follows.


  • ATM Forum 3.1, 3.1, 4.0
  • UNI, IISP, and PNNI Signalling
  • support for AToM and AToM2 MIBs

DC-Call Control

  • integration of PVCs, SVCs and SPVCs in same component
  • integration with switching fabric
  • support for AToM and AToM2 MIBs


  • single and multi-hierarchy PNNI
  • peer group leader
  • distributed routing database
  • support for PNNI MIB


  • ATM Forum ILMI 3.0, 3.1, 4.0
  • ILMI for IISP, UNI and PNNI links
  • SNMP proxy-agent support


  • ATM Forum Soft PVC support
  • configuration and management of SPVCs through the Soft PVC MIB


  • complete fault tolerance manager
  • maintains all active calls during hardware failures and hot software upgrades


  • Classical IP Over ATM client and server
  • full MIB support
  • RFCs 1577, 2225, 1483, 2320, 1755

DC-LANE Client

  • LAN Emulation client
  • ATM Forum v1 and v2 LUNI support
  • support for the LANE Client MIB

DC-LANE Services

  • LAN Emulation Configuration Server (LECS), LAN Emulation Server (LES), and Broadcast and Unknown Server (BUS)
  • ATM Forum v1 and v2 LUNI support
  • support for the LAN Emulation Server MIB

DC-MPOA Client

  • Multi-Protocol Over ATM client
  • ATM Forum v1 support
  • support for the MPOA Configuration MIB (and additional MIB tables specific to DC-MPOA Client)

DC-MPOA Server

  • Multi-Protocol Over ATM server
  • ATM Forum v1 support
  • support for the MPOA MIB (MPS Basic Compliance) and complementary tables from the NHRP MIB 

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