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The Network Software Provider: A New Vendor Category

NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) White papers Corporate

Network operators that embrace NFV will make fundamental changes to their supply chains. To minimize hardware costs, network operators will want to purchase their generic NFV infrastructure from high-volume vendors of general-purpose hardware, vendors that, in general, have very little knowledge of specialized network functions such as provider edge routers or IP multimedia subsystems (IMS). To procure the software that will provide those specialized network functions, they will need to turn to vendors that combine an in-depth understanding of the network functions with the ability to implement them efficiently in software on generic hardware. This is the type of vendor that we refer to as a Network Software Provider.

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Metaswitch company overview

Metaswitch Corporate

At Metaswitch, we develop commercial and open-source software solutions that are constructively disrupting the way service providers build, scale, innovate, and account for communication services. Our cloud-native communications software is designed from the ground up to run on commodity hardware in private, public and hybrid clouds. We package our software into solutions that are redefining consumer and business communications while transforming communication networks. Through constant innovation, Metaswitch delivers a suite of cloud native software-based, open, scalable network functions that enable service providers to remain relevant by streamlining their network operations, improving their cost-efficiency and enabling the rapid introduction of new applications and services.

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Metaswitch logo images

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The Metaswitch logo is available for download.

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Metaswitch Networks Third Party Trademark Usage Guidelines

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If you want to use the Metaswitch Networks name or logo, please be aware that they are both covered by trademark.  

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