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EVPN Protocol Stacks

Datasheets Networking software VPN (Virtual Private Network) IP (Internet Protocol)

Industry leading networking protocol stacks from Metaswitch provide Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN) services for the data center, service provider networks and enterprise infrastructures.

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IP Unicast and Multicast Routing Protocol Stacks

Datasheets Networking software IP (Internet Protocol)

With today’s distributed work forces and dispersed customer bases, unified communications and collaboration Our unicast and multicast IP routing protocol stacks are architected to handle the speed, scale and reliability demanded of any network functions delivering infrastructure connectivity solutions and overlay applications. Together with our suite of development toolkits and integration services, employing Metaswitch protocol stacks can dramatically reduce project costs and time to market for anyone building network infrastructure products or platforms. 

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What is IP routing?

Networking software Layer 3 IP (Internet Protocol) IP Routing

IP Routing is an umbrella term for the set of protocols that determine the path that data follows in order to travel across multiple networks from its source to its destination. Data is routed from its source to its destination through a series of routers, and across multiple networks. The IP Routing protocols enable routers to build up a forwarding table that correlates final destinations with next hop addresses.

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