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What is Mobile Unified Communications (Mobile UC)?

VoLTE mobile applications Mobile Infrastructure MetaSphere MTAS

Mobile Unified Communications (Mobile UC) is a solution which enables mobile network operators (MNOs) to provide a highly contextual and immersive telephony service that improves a user’s productivity and their ability to stay connected. Mobile UC features extend the value of an MNO’s mobile offering, increasing customer satisfaction and therefore retention.   

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What is a telephony application server (TAS)?

Application server MetaSphere MTAS Rhino TAS

A telephony application server (TAS), sometimes known in a telephony context only as an application server (AS), is a component used in the core network of a telecom network operator to provide telephony applications and additional multimedia functions.

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Broadvoice and Metaswitch build a geo-redundant solution in the cloud

Fixed-Line Transformation NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) Case studies Application server Consumer communications geo-redundancy MetaSphere MTAS

Broadvoice is a leading provider of hosted voice and data products to consumers and businesses. Needing a future-proof, geo-redundant network to meet the needs of its demanding business customers and to support its rapid expansion, Broadvoice has deployed a multi-state, geo-redundant configuration of Metaswitch’s clustered MetaSphere Multiservice Telephony Application Server (MTAS) in the cloud.

A leader in adopting forward-thinking technologies, Broadvoice believes that the new model of a fully virtualized network from Metaswitch provides them with unmatched scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency. Building on Metaswitch’s leadership in virtual network functions, Broadvoice is offering carrier-grade real time services including Cloud PBX, and Business Unified Communications functions, alongside its residential service offerings, with unparalleled multi-site redundancy and reliability.

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MetaSphere MTAS (Multiservice Telephony Application Server) datasheet

Fixed-Line Transformation Datasheets MetaSphere Application server Consumer communications Business communications MetaSphere MTAS

From local calling services to advanced unified communications, the MetaSphere MTAS is designed to support a broad array of voice and video applications. As a critical component in next-generation network architectures (such as IMS) the Multiservice Telephony Application Server enables a complete suite of powerful residential and enterprise communication tools that may be deployed - on demand - as your business grows.

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