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The steps to VoLTE and VoWiFi

VoLTE Mobile Infrastructure Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi)

Although the benefits of Voice over Wi-Fi are well known, making the first step towards the widescale deployment of packet voice technologies has proven to be problematic. Complexity, feature parity and cost have all diminished the fervor around early propositoons and now the reality of also requiring VoWiFi for offoad and coverage purposes is further stifling progress. Only Metaswitch has the complete solution.

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Rhino TAS for VoLTE and VoWiFi datasheet

Datasheets VoLTE Mobile Infrastructure Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) Rhino TAS

Rhino VoLTE TAS provides open and extendable network-hosted IMS functions for voice, video-calling and messaging over LTE and Wi-Fi.

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Rhino Telecom Application Server for Mobile datasheet

Datasheets Mobile Infrastructure Rhino TAS

Rhino Telecom Application Server (Rhino TAS) enables service agility in the telecoms network through an open, flexible platform that utilizes commodity server hardware. Rhino TAS provides the development and delivery environment for legacy SS7 services , IMS services and, of course, converged services that span multiple network technologies. The extensive array of resource adapters enable services to interact with charging platforms, internal IT systems and databases, and web servers.

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The Internet of Talk - The Future of Voice Communications

White papers mobile applications Mobile Infrastructure IoTalk

Telephony is the lifeblood of the telecom industry. But that blood has been getting thinner in recent years, as alternative modes of communication, as well as Internet-based providers of basic calling-type services, have grown at the expense of ordinary phone minutes.

And while mobile telephony has extended communications to billions around the world, it has recently faced an
additional challenge. The arrival of 4G and all-IP connectivity has prompted a replacement of legacy circuit-telephony infrastructure with VoIP, and specifically VoLTE. This has been a complex transition and is still ongoing.

But simply replacing old phone networks with newer IP based ones is not enough.

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Advance Messaging Services with a Converged Network Message Store

White papers Mobile Infrastructure Converged Network Message Store (CNMS) messaging

Now, with the advent of the Converged Network Message Store, operators can leverage their investments in IP and NFV to innovate in messaging again, re-establish subscriber engagement on their messaging platforms and create new revenue-generating services.

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Integration of IoT and Communications - Disruptive Analysis

White papers mobile applications Mobile Infrastructure Internet of Things (IoT)

This paper by Dean Bubley, the founder of Disruptive Analysis, explores emerging intersections between IoT and real-time communications. It frames and segments the use cases, and examines the opportunity for telecom-type services, especially where enabled by NFV and cloud-based IoT services platforms. The reduced cost and greater flexibility of such platforms may transform telcos’ M2M business units, and enable the emergence of other service providers focused on IoT. We may see new MVNO and PaaS players emerge, taking advantage of more flexible infrastructure. IMS may itself move beyond its SIP roots, to embrace a wider diversity of IP “sessions” and M2M messaging functionality.

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SFR case study

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) Case studies VPN (Virtual Private Network) Mobile Infrastructure Rhino TAS

Provide corporate users with a new IP VPN, offering new features and a low cost replacement for their legacy VPN.

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Polkomtel case study: Service Differentiation

Case studies Mobile Infrastructure open service creation

To enable service differentiation in a highly competitive market.

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Polkomtel case study: Evolution to All-IP

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) Case studies Mobile Infrastructure

Reduce costs and stimulate innovation by accelerating the evolution of their network and service layer to All-IP.

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Claro case study

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) Case studies Mobile Infrastructure Rhino TAS

Launch new and innovative mobile services whilst continuing to offer existing revenue generating IN services at a lower cost.

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British Telecom case study

Case studies Mobile Infrastructure

Offer a new, flexible product to provide instantaneous and robust trading floor communications into a mission critical environment.

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Bouygues Telecom case study

Case studies Mobile Infrastructure open service creation

Reduce the cost of introducing new convergent SIP and IN services whilst enhancing service innovation.

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Vodafone Netherlands case study

Case studies VoLTE Mobile Infrastructure

To be early to market with LTE and accelerate their readiness to launch by ensuring the experience of 4G connected users remains unchanged.

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Truphone case study

Case studies Mobile Infrastructure open service creation

To deliver an outstanding international mobile experience to corporate users with excellent call quality and local rates.

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Swisscom case study

Case studies Mobile Infrastructure Rhino TAS open service creation

Maintain and extend leading customer service experience whilst simplifying the network to reduce costs.

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Free Mobile case study

Case studies Mobile Infrastructure open service creation

To rapidly establish substantial market share for their new (Green field) 3G GSM mobile network.

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Consumer Communications overview datasheet

Fixed-Line Transformation Datasheets VoLTE Mobile Infrastructure Consumer communications Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) Voice, video and messaging

End-user demands for communication services continue to rapidly evolve, creating enormous challenges for the network operator. The Metaswitch Consumer Communications solution allows operators to rise to these demands and take on the OTT app threat, at the same time as preparing a flexible infrastructure for tomorrow’s technologies.

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Tiscali Case Study

Fixed-Line Transformation NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) Case studies Clearwater Core Mobile Infrastructure Consumer communications

Through its IP based network, Tiscali is able to supply its customers with a wide range of services, from Narrowband and Broadband Internet access to more specific and technologically advanced products, in order to satisfy market needs. The offer includes also voice, portal and multimedia services, with also enclosed the recent, mobile offer.

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Accession Communicator datasheet

Datasheets Accession Communicator UC (Unified Communications) desktop applications mobile applications Mobile Infrastructure Consumer communications Business communications Collaboration

With the advent of the "always-on" workforce and the proliferation of cost-effective smartphones and tablets, mobile devices are increasingly becoming informal, portable extensions of the business communications infrastructure. Now you can solidify this relationship with Accession Communicator.

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