Rhino Telephony Application Server for Mobile

A unique VoLTE / VoWiFi TAS and open service creation platform architected for the cloud


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      • Complete IR.51, IR.92 and IR.94 MMTel TAS

    • web-development
      • Built to be cloud native using web design methods

    • networking
      • A circuit to packet-switched migration platform

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      • IN feature parity plus OSS/BSS and billing

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      • Fully integrated service creation framework


With mobile networks finally poised to support the universal roll-out of packet voice (VoLTE and VoWiFi), video and rich messaging services, it’s time to rethink how these critical services are delivered. To achieve the flexibility and price points required to compete with nimble over-the-top providers, mobile operators must reimagine their infrastructure as a dynamic and open service creation platform, which they can adapt to meet ever changing consumer demands.

Product description

Product description

Metaswitch’s Rhino telephony application server (TAS) and service creation platform is grounded in GSMA reference documents IR.51, IR.92 and IR.94, and is the first mobile TAS architected from inception for network functions virtualization (NFV). Employing the same cloud native architecture as massively scalable internet applications, the Rhino TAS can be deployed in private, public or hybrid elastic cloud environments and NFV infrastructures with complete management and orchestration (MANO), and can grow automatically — with granular network slices — to meet traffic or application demands.

The Rhino TAS is the ideal platform to help mobile operators evolve their networks from classic TDM to all-IP.

  • The Rhino TAS is a complete multimedia telephony application server (MMTel-AS), extending a full complement of GSM supplementary services in compliance with packet voice and video standards.
  • A Service Capability Interaction Manager (SCIM) provides feature parity between TDM and IP network infrastructures.
  • An integrated Service Centralization and Continuity Application Server (SCC-AS) facilities voice call continuity in the event a mobile handset roams into an area where only circuit-switched (CS) coverage exists.
  • The Rhino TAS enables transport-level interworking for SMS between circuit-switched and packet-switched networks via its IP-SM-GW, while Unstructured Supplementary Service Data can be sent over the common IMS layer with the USSI-AS.

Mobile operators require service differentiation and agility, but rapidly developing and deploying new communications applications demands a powerful service creation environment. Sentinel OpenCreate, from Metaswitch, is an open Service Creation Framework (SCF) designed to help mobile operators and their independent software vendor (ISV) partners build advanced new services for the Rhino TAS. Using OpenCreate, developers can construct new applications from an extensible library of component parts or add custom features to existing services.

Roger Curfs

Project Lead LTE, Vodafone Netherlands

[Rhino TAS] offers the future-proof flexibility required to enable Vodafone to create and migrate differentiated services that fit our business and consumer customer’s needs.

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