Custom Development

Accelerate innovation with bespoke applications and solutions from Metaswitch

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    Create new revenue-generating applications

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    Develop new features at a customer’s request

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    Accelerate Metaswitch roadmap items

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    Build APIs and adaptors into multi-vendor networks

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    Integration with NFV cloud infrastructures

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    Full range of implementation options from consultancy through to turnkey solutions

Why use Metaswitch’s Custom Development service?

Metaswitch’s Custom Development service allows network operators to extend and modify Metaswitch’s solutions to provide additional services and features and to accelerate their deployment.

Example projects

  • Full call service applications built on Metaswitch’s Open Service Creation platform, including both Sentinel OpenCreate services and Rhino Telephony Application Server (TAS) applications.
  • New features and modified behaviour within any of Metaswitch’s standard products.
  • Adaptation and integration of Metaswitch’s products to work with other third party components beyond those supported as standard.
  • Full deployment consultancy on how to roll out NFV services in a cloud infrastructure, including
    • Requirements analysis
    • Establishing best practices for software development, testing and operation
    • Performance tuning
    • Solution integration with different operating systems, databases, OSS/BSS, etc.
    • Correct setup of a resilient, highly available platform.


Our services

  • Training and consultancy to assist our customer’s development team or a third party vendor
  • Collaborative working where Metaswitch works in partnership with our customer or third party
  • Turnkey solution where Metaswitch takes full responsibility for managing and delivering a customized solution.

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