The marketing support program to help you launch, market and sell your services

  • End-to-end product development and marketing support

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    Interactive training courses in sales marketing and sales

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    Marketing toolkits and brandable resources

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    Engineering services to help build and launch Hosted PBX

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    Reference architecture for reliable Hosted PBX deployment

  • MarketVisions Community offers free content and access to our team of experts

Why use Metaswitch’s MarketVisions service?

If you want to rapidly expand your business into new markets or provide additional services to your customers, it is not enough just to build a network - you need to market and sell your services.

Metaswitch MarketVisions is a marketing support program with a package of resources and services to support your growth, including target market and competitive analysis, pricing and packaging support, brandable brochures, videos, and more.

Go-To-Market marketing services

MarketVisions is based on best practices acquired through experience with our diverse customer base, custom market research, and our team of experts. MarketVisions gives you the insight you need to build winning offers along with the tools to promote and sell them.

Our services

  • Go-To-Market Program: An end-to-end product development and marketing program helps you to quickly and effectively roll out new IP communications products to your customers.
  • Marketing and Sales Training Courses: Learn about Metaswitch features from an end-user’s perspective, and the right marketing and sales approaches for the business and residential markets.
  • Marketing Toolkits: Development intelligence, pricing tools, market segmentation, case studies and more.
  • Brandable Collateral and Multimedia Materials: Whitepapers, “How To” videos, marketing demos, custom commercials and more.
  • MarketVisions Community: Access a range of free content and engage with other customers and our team of experts with questions and advice.

Go-To-Market engineering services

MarketVisions Go-to-Market Engineering Support continues our practice of providing our customers with dedicated/active Metaswitch support while setting up a Hosted PBX reference architecture (RA) deployment. This service will speed your time to market by helping you prepare to deploy new business services on your fully commissioned Metaswitch platform.

Our services

  • Hosted PBX Readiness: Dedicated Metaswitch engineering support staff will build the Hosted PBX RA to support your internal deployment. Metaswitch will also walk you through a series of exercises designed to get your team ready to support your Hosted PBX deployment. The Hosted PBX Readiness service will be provided through a series of remote video sessions augmented with practical exercises for you to complete in your own time.
  • GTM Engineering: Paired with the GTM Product and Marketing service, this program supports the complete activation of your first Hosted PBX deployment. Dedicated Metaswitch engineering support staff will work with you to build the complete configuration required for your first customer deployment, consistent with the recommendations of the GTM program. Metaswitch staff will be with you on-site for up to 3 days before, during and after your first customer deployment.

Hosted business solutions reference architecture

Hosted PBX is a broad and deep product offering. One of the key strengths of Metaswitch’s hosted PBX solution is the flexibility we offer to be able to tailor and customize the product offering to meet your exact product requirements.

However, that flexibility can leave questions open as to what combination of features to offer together, what other CPE to use, and how to bundle it all together into an offering that can be successfully taken to market.

The Hosted PBX Reference Architecture (RA) is the result of what we’ve learned over many years and across many service providers globally. It is our golden config – our recommended way to take Hosted PBX to market quickly and successfully. It takes all our lessons learned and best practices, and incorporates them with our product roadmap, go-to-market perspectives and the trends in the industry.

This all combines into a recommendation of how we would deploy a hosted PBX offering, if we were designing a product offering today to be truly competitive over the next five years.