5G Military Communications

  • Real-time battlespace digitization improves agility
  • Quickly establish force protection infrastructure
  • Local compute for low latency and survivability

What is it?

To guarantee swift action and reaction times, future battlespace scenarios will demand the rapid processing of information by sophisticated artificial intelligence engines deriving real-time information from every conceivable source and sensor. This requires the application of millimeter wave technologies with powerful edge computing deployable in the field to deliver secure, survivable, mobile communications hubs.


How do we help?

Fusion Core is a 5G user and control plane solution specifically built to efficiently operate within constrained edge compute environments. This enables our highly survivable offering to be quickly installed on robust hardware deployed in the most challenging of situations. A complete standalone package, our 5G Core employs minimal CPU resources, leaving ample processing power for co-hosted applications.


When to contact us.

Are you a government contractor or military agency engaging with public sector companies to evaluate the latest 5G and edge compute technologies as part of a new national defense strategy? From ship-wide communications, to airfield logistics and battlefield surveillance, mmWave services and distributed cloud architectures hold much promise but you need a partner with deep expertise in both. Contact us!

Air Force and Navy Use Cases

Aircraft and ships are considered critical tactical resources in almost every unified military strategy and keeping these limited resources in the air and on the sea is of upmost importance. 

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Fusion Core Product Brochure

Architected specifically for hybrid cloud implementations, Metaswitch Fusion Core delivers the most advanced 5G control and user plane functions for deploying private LTE and 5G.

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5G IoT Public Edge Compute Demo

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