Fixed Line IMS

Realize the potential of IMS and the reduced operational expenses of NFV

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    Like-for-like replacement of legacy fixed line voice services

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    PSTN Emulation Subsystem (PES)

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    Enables rapid delivery of new revenue-generating services

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    Extensible architecture supports future growth

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    Cloud native VNFs support NFV automated deployments

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    Trusted turnkey migration services


Metaswitch’s Fixed Line IMS solution enables network operators to transition fully from a fragmented circuit-switched telephony infrastructure to a single centralized all-IP voice platform primed for new revenue streams.

Traditional TDM equipment is reaching end-of-life and losing support. First generation NGN softswitches are inflexible and unable to deliver on future revenue growth opportunities. The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is the clear path forwards for network operators wanting to grow their voice business.

  • Virtualized IMS core
  • Cloud native VNFs
  • Supports VMware and COTS hardware
  • Supports deployment in public, private and hybrid clouds
  • Supports geo-redundant architecture
  • Complete residential call services enabled by MetaSphere MTAS
  • Robust security and guaranteed interworking delivered by virtualized Perimeta SBC
  • Real-time proactive analytics provided by Service Assurance Server
  • Supports regulatory requirements
  • Foundation for mobility services like RCS, UC and VoLTE

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Why use Metaswitch’s Fixed Line IMS solution?

We understand the challenges fixed carriers face and provide everything you need to reduce cost and risk in your network as well as delivering a platform primed for revenue growth.

Metaswitch is the trusted leader in fixed voice network transformation. We have over a decade of experience transitioning fixed line network operators from TDM to IP, with over 1000 customers running more than 11 billion minutes of monthly traffic at over “five-nines” measured field availability.

  • Comprehensive support for legacy call services
  • Dramatic cost savings in power, labor, real estate and operations
  • Our cloud native software is robust, scalable and flexible
  • Complete turnkey migration services including subscriber and trunk migration
  • We have oiver a decade of unrivalled experience leading migrations
  • Over 450 switch migrations across over 25 legacy switch types – more than anyone else in the industry
  • Our platform is extensible and primed for growth in fixed line enterprise and wireless services
Metaswitch's innovative, web-scale software solutions have allowed us to dramatically reduce our capital expenditures and operating costs by moving subscribers away from proprietary equipment to Metaswitch's high-performance software running on industry standard hardware, in our 'telco cloud'.


Kevin Paige
CTO, Manx Telecom

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