IP Multimedia Subsystem

  • Essential infrastructure for rich communications
  • Hierarchical architecture with open interfaces
  • Complete signaling and user plane separation

What is it?

The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is a reference architecture defined by the GSMA's 3GPP for delivering fixed-line and mobile communications applications built on IP. Providing a separated control and user plane framework for evolving from circuit to packet voice, while enabling a new generation of rich multimedia services, IMS is lauded for its openness and hierarchical structure.


How do we help?

Clearwater Core provides the essential IP Multimedia Subsystem components required for deploying highly scalable rich communications services. As the first cloud native network function in the industry, we have experience deploying Clearwater Core within diverse environments supporting numerous applications. Clearwater is complemented by our Perimeta SBC and telephony application servers.


When to contact us.

Implementing an IMS core is extremely beneficial to any fixed-line, mobile, converged network or internet communications service providers delivering voice, video or messaging services. Our IMS core offering and supporting network functions have been deployed across public, private and hybrid compute cloud infrastructures delivering a highly scalable and incredibly robust VoIP, VoLTE, VoNR or VoWiFi service platform.


Clearwater Core IMS

Clearwater Core represents a fundamentally new approach to developing, delivering and deploying communications networks, with a pure software solution architected specifically for hybrid public/private cloud infrastructures.

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Perimeta SBC

Our session border controller can be deployed in any compute environment and used to provide security and interworking for carrier, MSP and enterprise VoIP access and interconnect infrastructures or IMS P-CSCF functionality.

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Blog: The Role of IMS in VoNR

Deploying Vo5G / VoNR requires updates to decades old IMS interfaces, such as Diameter, allowing the implementation of core components into the 5G Service Based Architecture (SBA). This is a large focus of a recent 3GPP study.

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