5G Core: The fast path to 5G

A cloud native portable 5G core designed for scalable and high performance 5G use cases

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    The only 100% cloud native 5G Core implementation with advanced user plane processing

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    Delivers highly scalable performance across both private and hybrid cloud infrastructures

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    Addresses a wide range of 5G use cases with a much smaller footprint and lower cost

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    Fully container-based and stateless architectural solution

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    Orchestrated by Kubernetes for automated instantiation and lifecycle management

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    Embedded telemetry for analytics and advanced diagnostics


Our 5G Core solution is architected from the ground up to provide massively scalable virtualized deployments within public, private or hybrid elastic compute environments – combining a truly cloud native design with an ultra-high performance user plane and scalable control plane.

A web scale design, along with the micro service philosophies adopted when architecting our 5G Core, makes it ideal for a wide range of use cases. Our leading architectural design allows portability across either hardware VM-based hypervisor infrastructures (VMware or KVM) or OS container-based (Docker) environments with Kubernetes management.


  • Truly cloud native solution for 5G Core VNFs
  • Ultra-high performance and N+k redundant user plane function (UPF) running on commodity hardware – ready for massive scale in the core or in multi-access edge deployments
  • UPF flexible pipeline programmability with integrated service chaining
  • Access and session control plane containerized components (AMF/SMF)
  • NRF, NSSF, PCF, UDM/AUSF components for quick validation
  • Works with native Kubernetes along with VNF management and orchestration (MANO) options
  • 5G Service Based Architecture – with RESTful Service Based Interfaces and Interworking
  • Includes configuration, monitoring and management, canary testing, and a CI/CD pipeline approach
  • Integrated Service Assurance Server (SAS) telemetry for monitoring, statistics and analytics

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Why use Metaswitch’s 5G Core solution?

Metaswitch has strong leadership in cloud native design, protocol development, interworking, and developing high performance user plane designs. We have harnessed those capabilities to produce an extraordinarily performant 5G core. Whether you need high scalability for massive IoT solutions, or high performance for enhanced mobile broadband, our 5G Core has you covered.

We adapted web design principles to the requirements of the mobile packet core so that our 5G Core could deliver dynamic, granular, elastic scalability and unmatched resilience running within IT-grade cloud x86-based infrastructures.

  • Our cloud native software is robust, scalable and extensible
  • Avoids the high overheads and costly redundancy of virtual machines running in a hypervisor environment
  • Automated instantiation and lifecycle management can save time and resources
  • Components scale individually using our unique stateless techniques
Containerized 5G Core, orchestrated by Kubernetes
  • Maximum flexibility and efficiency to deploy and manage a highly distributed 5G Core.
  • Optimized for loosely coupled, elastic micro-services and a widely adopted automation framework for fast instantiation.
Ultra-High Performance User Plane Function (UPF)
  • Solves the software performance issue and eliminates the last hardware dependency in the datacenter.
  • High performance and efficiency translates to the smallest footprint – providing the lowest cost per Gbps and optimal edge deployment.
Fastest Transition to 5G
  • Unique architectural approach accelerates the benefits of the 5G core.
  • Helps to flatten the capacity cost curve, cap operator spending on legacy solutions, and paves the way toward rapid monetization.

Use Cases


Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB)

The evolution from a 4G to 5G Core to deliver improved mobile broadband services. Our CNAP-based user plane delivers lowest cost per bit, portable deployment and dynamic scalability to cope with exponential traffic growth.

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

5G RAN for last mile residential and enterprise broadband will require a 5G Core. Our CNAP-based user plane delivers the lowest cost per bit to serve this market, where ARPU per GB delivered is 10x lower than mobile broadband. 


Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)

Our CNAP-based user plane scales down to suit highly distributed edge computing facilities and delivers the performance to support highly demanding, low latency applications.


Private Mobile Networks

An emerging use case for enterprise / campus / site networks based on unlicensed spectrum (e.g. CBRS). Our 5G Core solution effortlessly scales down to support this use case.

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