Automated identity management for individuals and prosumers

  • Multi-persona, multi-device service for voice and SMS

  • Multiple lines or identities for personal, work, social or temporary use

  • Network intelligence for automated identity management

  • Network voice provides superior voice quality

  • Native dialer integration and Android and iOS support

  • Incoming call management to handle and prioritize calls


A cloud native, carrier-grade multi-persona mobile communications solution that enables mobile network operators to blend the native dialer of the smartphone with network-based voice and messaging services, multiple personas, and simple options for users to manage and control the experience.

Embedded network intelligence allows users to present multiple personas on a single mobile device so that they can easily balance business and personal communications. Users can also access MaX from any mobile device, so they can stay connected with whichever device is most convenient.

  • Native dialer experience
  • Multi-device support for voice and SMS
  • Cross-platform: consistent UX on Android and iOS
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Multiple lines or identities for voice and SMS
  • Network-based intelligence automates the handling of multiple identities
  • Network voice support
  • Incoming call management

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Why use Metaswitch’s Multi-Persona solution?

A growing independent workforce of “prosumers” (professional consumers) is forming as a global connected economy creates new opportunities for work outside the traditional office, particularly for the “mobile-native” millennial generation. This workforce includes many self-employed tradespeople who are continuously on the move in today’s “gig economy”. Meanwhile, consumers frequently need multiple identities on their phones for separate social relationships.

Our solution is easily deployed in mobile networks and enables mobile operators to grow revenue and compete with over-the-top (OTT) messaging, voice and UC apps with high-quality, contextual and immersive communications services, maximizing the mobile user experience.

  • Support the underserved Prosumer market
  • Target the “mobile native” millennial generation
  • Provide innovative, revenue-generating services
  • Compete effectively with over-the-top (OTT) apps and services, with superior UX and QoS
  • Extend your brand on to mobile devices
  • Works with any mobile network, so there is no barrier to deployment
  • Our cloud native software is robust, scalable and flexible
Mobile network operators are looking for new and innovative solutions that meet the growing needs of the cord-cutting family, multiple-mobile carrying individuals and small businesses … and service innovations that deliver returns on their IMS and VoLTE investments. With MaX by Metaswitch, you not only have a next-gen consumer and business experience, but more importantly, you also have a carrier service positioned for toe-to-toe competition against the growing raft of over-the-top (OTT) services knocking at every user’s front door.

Bill Haskins, UC Analyst, Wainhouse Research

Bill Haskins
UC Analyst, Wainhouse Research

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