Open Service Creation

Leverage in-house engineers and independent software vendors to accelerate innovation

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    Create innovative new services faster

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    Defend your brand and expand revenue opportunities

  • Eradicate the application stovepipes stifling innovation

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    Embrace DevOps methodologies in service creation

  • Deploy an open, programmable telephony platform

  • Employ component-based development environments


Our Sentinal OpenCreate service creation framework (SCF) provides a network operator’s software engineers or trusted ISVs with access to an extensible library of component parts and features, from which they can develop new applications or modify existing services to produce unique and highly customized offerings.

Our solution combines this with the Rhino Telephony Application Server (TAS), a programmable network platform that exposes a complete suite of open northbound APIs.

  • Application development environment
  • Create new services by adding features into programmable session plans
  • Build new services from existing building blocks
  • Reduces the work required to create new services
  • Makes service creation less prone to error and less costly
  • Network operators can leverage third-party developers

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Why use Metaswitch’s Open Service Creation solution?

Metaswitch’s Open Service Creation solution helps network operators transform the voice service layer to drive down the cost of delivering traditional telephony services and to enable competitive service differentiation. 

With the Open Service Creation solution, network operators can expose network assets such as voice and messaging services, location, presence and user profile information, to enable developers to create, modify or integrate communications applications with carrier-class scalability, resilience, monitoring and billing. 

Rapid service innovation is the single most important driver for sustainable competitive advantage in the mobile industry.

Rob Snijder, CTO, Teleena

Rob Snijder
CTO, Teleena

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