VoLTE Peering and Roaming

Supporting complete end-to-end rich communications services and cost-effective interconnect

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    A unique, 100% virtualized, cloud native solution

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    Dynamically deployable and elastically scalable

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    Lowers the cost of interconnect trunks

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    Message manipulation guarantees interoperability

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    Powerful real-time deep analytics and diagnostics 

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    Network-wide licensing eliminates stranded capacity


Metaswitch’s VoLTE interconnect and VoLTE roaming solutions are designed to deliver the flexibility required to support every architectural eventuality. 

The fully virtualized and cloud native Perimeta session border controller (SBC) can replace legacy circuit-switched interconnects, providing a highly flexible security demarcation between operators.

  • Cloud native VNFs
  • All services delivered from the home network
  • All calls and messages routed from the visited network
  • Emergency calls handled locally
  • Access to local numbering plans
  • SIP/SDP message manipulation engine enables interworking between different VoLTE IMS implementations
  • Supports Home Routing and Visited Routing LBO or RAVEL (Roaming Architecture for Voice over LTE with Local Breakout)

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Why use Metaswitch’s VoLTE Peering and Roaming solution?

Deploying a GSMA IR.92 / IR.94 VoLTE and IR.51 VoWiFi infrastructure is incomplete without extending fully-featured roaming capabilities to subscribers.

With the broad proliferation of LTE, the spectral efficiencies of voice over LTE and the coverage benefits of voice over Wi-Fi can finally be realized. In order to make the adoption of packet voice in the access network a reality and reap the benefits of an IMS-based rich communications infrastructure, however, network operators must complete a critical component of this end-to-end architecture: VoLTE Peering and VoLTE Roaming.

  • Guaranteed interoperability, regardless of the roaming model
  • Lowers the cost of interconnect trunks compared with TDM infrastructure
  • Simplifies capacity planning, with flexibility to meet demand
  • Graceful fallback to 3G in areas without VoLTE
  • Subscribers can continue to use all the enhanced services provided by their home network while roaming
  • Subscribers have reliable access to emergency calling anywhere
  • Our cloud native software is robust, scalable and flexible
  • Service Assurance Server (SAS) empowers your operations teams to rapidly troubleshoot and manage the quality of experience (QoE) to ensure high customer satisfaction

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