Open Service Creation

  • Quickly create innovative new voice services
  • Replicate legacy features on a cloud platform
  • Drive down costs and increase voice revenues

What is it?

While voice is a commodity service, delivering telephony solutions is still incredibly lucrative. This means that regional network operators must leverage their existing assets to create new communications offerings that meet the specific needs of their customer base. As voice infrastructure ages, they must also be able to replicate legacy features by employing the latest cloud native designs and deployments.


How do we help?

Our Open Service Creation solution helps network operators transform the voice service layer to drive down the cost of delivering traditional telephony services and to enable competitive service differentiation. We expose network assets such as voice and messaging services, location, presence and user profile information, to enable developers to create, modify or integrate communications applications.


When to contact us.

Do you want to empower your network engineers or a trusted independent software vendor to develop new voice applications? Would you like to replicate existing services using a modern, cloud native, platform without sacrificing scalability and reliability? We can also get you started with a marketplace of apps to try, all created using DevOps methodologies on our component based development environment.



RhinoMarket was created to introduce network operators to telecoms application developers and to show some of the telecoms innovation made possible by the Rhino TAS platform and its independent developer community.

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Rhino TAS

Rhino TAS provides a development and delivery environment for converged CS SS7 and PS IMS networks. Adapters enable services to interact with charging platforms, internal IT systems, user databases and web servers.

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