Private 5G Campus Networks

  • Administrators need to upgrade their facilities
  • New teaching methods demand real-time data
  • Private 5G networks enable the smart campus

What is it?

Educational and research facilities are increasingly looking towards technology to improve operational efficiency, aid faculty and empower students. Serving the insatiable demand for improved campus connectivity is just one problem administrators face. They are also being tasked with establishing  smart campuses, ranging from building management and automation to supporting new cognitive learning.


How do we help?

Whether employing a licensed network slice from an operator, license assisted access to shared spectrum or a completely standalone unlicensed band, there are several implementation options to consider when building private 5G campus infrastructures. Our 5G Core components and O-RAN partner products are incredibly easy to deploy and manage in public or private edge compute clouds.


When to contact us.

Competition is driving colleges and universities along with science and medical research facilities all around the globe to modernize their facilities and revolutionize their in-person and online teaching methods. The very specific needs of these campuses are best served by systems integrators and managed service providers with a well-defined and integrated portfolio of 5G products plus extensive cloud native know-how.

Private 5G & LTE Solution Overview

Industry 4.0 is transforming every vertical with smart and connected autonomous systems powered by massive distributed computing. Learn more in our P-5G/P-LTE solution overview.

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Fusion Core Product Brochure

Architected specifically for hybrid cloud implementations, Metaswitch Fusion Core delivers the most advanced 5G control and user plane functions for deploying private LTE and 5G.

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5G IoT Public Edge Compute Demo

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