Smart Agriculture

  • A 5G Core built specifically for Private New Radio
  • Tightly integrated with Azure Private Edge Zones
  • Provides the ideal platform for emerging Agritech

What is it?

Smart Agriculture is the application of emerging Agritech with modern mobile networking to improve the efficiency of farming through automation. By applying AI to data collected from a myriad of sensors, product quality and volumes can be increased while reducing production costs and risks. Precision robotics and drones can then intervene to correct issues, eliminating countless manual processes while also reducing waste.


How do we help?

Fusion Core is the first 5G control and user plane designed specifically for private new radio deployments on highly distributed edge compute platforms. Together with Microsoft’s Azure Private Edge Zones, Metaswitch provides the compute services and networking infrastructure required for systems integrators, focused on emerging smart agriculture solutions, to deliver an array of highly specialized IoT applications.


When to contact us.

Are you a systems integrator working with large farming and agriculture companies on modernizing crop and livestock production processes? Implementing Smart Agriculture applications presents even the most experienced networking architects with unique challenges, such as low speed backhaul. We provide the 5G core and enable local IoT compute for emerging automated cultivation and rearing solutions.

Private 5G & LTE Solution Overview

Industry 4.0 is transforming every vertical with smart and connected autonomous systems powered by massive distributed computing. Learn more in our P-5G/P-LTE solution overview.

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Fusion Core Product Brochure

Architected specifically for hybrid cloud implementations, Metaswitch Fusion Core delivers the most advanced 5G control and user plane functions for deploying private LTE and 5G.

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5G Innovations for Agriculture

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