Wireless Wireline Convergence

  • Operating separate fixed and mobile cores is costly
  • Deploy a common access function supporting AAA
  • Employ a 5G Core and Service Based Architecture

What is it?

Today’s wireless and wireline infrastructures are served by completely disparate aggregation and core networks, featuring distinct control plane, user plane, authentication and service delivery functions. The 3GPP, Broadband Forum and CableLabs have united to create specifications defining the services and systems required to support wireless and wireline convergence (WWC) architectures around 5G.


How do we help?

Part of our Fusion Core portfolio, the Metaswitch Access Gateway Function (AGF) has been built from scratch using cloud native microservices methodologies and is deployable entirely within containers. Featuring our exclusive CNAP high-performance packet processing technology, the AGF can be combined  with our User Plane Function to simplify deployments while reducing touch points and edge compute overheads.


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If you are a multi-access network operator, then WWC could result in huge savings in capital and operational expenses. If you are already moving towards 5G, then leveraging the same modern core infrastructure for broadband can help amortize costs. With WWC mobile can complement rural DSL and cable, simplifying internet access deployments, increasing service speeds or providing a cost-effective backup.


Fusion Core Product Brochure

Architected specifically for hybrid cloud implementations, Metaswitch Fusion Core delivers the most advanced 5G control and user plane functions for deploying WWC networks.

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What is WWC?

This knowledge center article details the origins and evolution of wireless wireline convergence standards, providing insights into the architecture outlined by the 3GPP and others.

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What is an AGF?

Defined within Broadband Forum technical specifications, the Access Gateway Function represents an evolution of todays BRAS and ethernet broadband network gateways (BNGs).

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