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Recognized as a long-time leader in providing high performance software to the communications industry, Metaswitch has earned the reputation for providing the industry’s most resilient, best-supported, carrier grade products for voice, data and unified communications. As experts in delivering and deploying 100% cloud native network functions, Metaswitch mobile solutions can start small but easily scale to meet the evolving demands of subscribers and applications. Whether you are facing mandatory replacement, implementing new infrastructure or upgrading your mobile core and services, Metaswitch is the faster - and most trusted - way forward.

Fusion Core for LTE and 5G

Fusion Core delivers the only mobile network infrastructure capable of simultaneously supporting 4G and 5G radio access network traffic without the need to maintain an LTE architecture. Our unique interworking approach allows network operators to replace existing Evolved Packet Core (EPC) components with the latest 5G Core (5GC) technology, maintaining service continuity while laying the groundwork for new advanced applications.

Clearwater IMS and Perimeta SBC

Voice services remain the lifeblood of your subscriber base and Metaswitch knows how important it is to maintain the confidence you have worked hard to build, over the years. The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and Session Border Controllers (SBCs) make up the critical infrastructure that ensures today’s telephony applications are operating reliably, securely, and with optimal efficiency.

Rhino VoLTE TAS Platform

From efficient spectrum utilization to superior voice quality, adopting VoLTE affords numerous advantages to the network operator and consumer. The Metaswitch Rhino VoLTE TAS provides open and extendable IMS application server function for delivering voice, video and messaging services over LTE, 5GNR and Wi-Fi. Together with our IMS offerings, Rhino can extend support for legacy 3G with Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC), providing a transparent voice offering regardless of 4G/5G network coverage continuity.

ServiceIQ Automation and Assurance

Metaswitch ServiceIQ provides a rich suite of automation tooling for operators that enables Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery (CICD) of software updates and service configuration via GitOps pipelines. A data repository comprising key performance indicators (KPIs) supports comprehensive, customizable end to end service dashboards and progressive canary-level test/release workflows. ServiceIQ is modular and tailored to fit seamlessly with other network operation center tools and each service provider’s preferred way of working, whether derived from physical appliance-based systems or modern, distributed, multi-access compute clouds.

Professional Services and Support

With more than 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s most demanding networks, Metaswitch has built a strong reputation for exceptional customer care. We are staffed with telecom industry veterans, and regularly move people between the development team and the Customer Care team so that our support organization includes many of the people who developed our products. Together, they know our products inside-out and understand how they are deployed in the real world.


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