Universal Media Gateway

The pre-eminent platform for next generation network migration and transformation


    • servers1
      • Built on a scalable COTS ATCA platform

    • layers
      • Simplifies migration to IMS core networks

    • telephone43
      • Field-proven with over 99.999% availability

    • phone43""
      • Supports the latest high-definition codecs

    • weapong2
      • Emergency standalone mode for survivability


Network operators are striving to modernize their core switch and services infrastructure while continuing to extract value from their investment in TDM control and transport equipment. 

Product description

Product description

The MG6010 and MG6050 Universal Media Gateway represent a new generation of mid-density and high-density access and trunking voice media gateways. They are uniquely architected to serve as a critical component in integrated Class 4 and Class 5 migration strategies while acting as a vital circuit-to-packet transitional network element in carrier network transformation strategies.

Based on the IMS reference architecture, the Universal Media Gateway is equipped to help network operators migrate rapidly to IMS networks while retaining flexibility when supporting legacy access or interconnection peering demands. It provides trunking media gateway functionality between classic TDM/PSTN and IMS networks.

The Universal Media Gateway extends the very latest VoIP features and functionality to Cable MSOs in all stages of network migration. It is fully compatible with VoIP over cable in a PacketCable environment, and supports Network Call Signaling (NCS) to Multimedia Terminal Adaptors (MTAs). Where the evolution of local loop technologies such as active Ethernet or generic passive optical networking outpaces modernization in the central office, the Universal Media Gateway with its comprehensive support for voice services over fiber can extend the life of expensive core telephony switching systems.

When combined with the MetaSphere MTAS or a third-party MGCF, the Universal Media Gateway provides a complete high-capacity softswitch for wireline service providers. Featuring an integrated signaling gateway, and designed to transform circuit switched SS7 and ISDN messages for IP networks, the Universal Media Gateway eliminates the need for a distinct signaling gateway component.

The Emergency Standalone (ESA) function preserves service continuity with basic call control functions during critical network outages between a Universal Media Gateway and its controlling MetaSphere MTAS, while its fully redundant system architecture allows the Universal Media Gateway to retain full operational capability in the event of an individual component failure.

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