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      • A complete solution for the competitive interconnect market

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      • Full interworking and security for TDM and IP interexchange

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      • Powerful call routing to maximize efficiency and reduce costs

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      • COTS hardware and virtualization supports NFV deployments

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      • Global licensing eliminates stranded capacity and reduces costs


Interexchange interconnect architectures and technology are evolving, creating both difficult challenges and exciting opportunities for interconnect service providers and voice peering partners. Metaswitch can help interexchange operators transform their business, replacing or augmenting legacy equipment with future-proof assets to ensure they thrive in the new interconnect world.

Telecommunications infrastructures are undergoing an accelerating technological revolution from TDM to IP, affording advantages of lower costs, easier deployments and new service opportunities. This evolution is particularly critical to interexchange operators, where fractions of a penny make the difference between a successful business model and failure. In the competitive peering marketplace, however, carriers can not compromise when it comes to quality and reliability.

Solution description

Solution description

Metaswitch Voice Interconnect solution allows interexchange operators to meet their challenges with an architecture that is consistent with all GSMA IPX and IMS standards and reference architectures. With a portfolio of media gateways, session border controllers and Class 4 softswitches, our technologies enable full interworking with TDM services while securing future-proof IP interconnects. Our modular architecture enables us to provide a standalone interconnect solution or to enhance existing deployments, either growing TDM interconnects or adding IP to the infrastructure. This allows interexchange operators to migrate gradually from existing equipment to our future-proof technologies, and to scale their capacity simply as their business grows.

Metaswitch products offer powerful Least Cost Routing, load balancing, and structured routing rules and algorithms, enabling the most efficient use of critical trunk interfaces. Interexchange operators can configure routing based on any property of a call, for example to choose routes that avoid transcoding. In addition, our products can interface with external routing engines using standard protocols like ENUM or SIP redirect, allowing a single centralized routing database to be used throughout the network. This can be used for full routing, or combined with routing on the Metaswitch product to ensure the optimal path for a call is always chosen.

Metaswitch has embraced COTS hardware and NFV techniques throughout the interconnect solution suite, allowing our products to achieve market-leading density and scale, while still retaining the core reliability, security and feature-sets needed by today’s network operators. Recognizing that network operator business models are changing, Metaswitch is also the first company to introduce a model where licenses can be shared freely between platforms, ensuring no stranded capacity, wasted resources or unnecessary expenditure.


Carsten Rossenhövel

Managing Director, EANTC

The Perimeta virtualized SBC (vSBC) can easily replace legacy systems without sacrificing any functionality or performance, while giving operators an easy and flexible way to deploy this advanced network function in their cloud. Whether deployed to facilitate plain SIP traffic in a network or for complex call handling in VoLTE environments, we found that the Perimeta vSBC meets typical service provider performance requirements.

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