Voice over WiFi

Cloud native voice, video and messaging communications over anyone’s Wi-Fi


      • High-definition voice, video and messaging on any device

      • Fully integrated end-to-end VoWiFi solution (without requiring LTE/EPC)

      • RESTful APIs enabling quick implementation of future services and capabilities

      • Cloud-native architecture, enabling survivability of sessions, even during core site failure

      • Powerful real-­time diagnostics and analytics

The world’s communication habits have evolved rapidly in the past decade, and thanks to various technologies, such as Wi-Fi, the Internet is now ubiquitously accessible, enabling users access to advanced web-based services from anywhere and at any time. This has enabled companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple to reach consumers directly and to provide them with communication products that compete directly with those traditionally offered only by telecommunication operators.

Wireless operators have taken notice and, in response, have started to deploy VoLTE services using IMS as the communications core. This enables them to provide competing and better services than those from over-the-top companies (OTTs).

Operators that do not have spectrum or wireless assets can also take advantage of IMS, along with the ubiquity of Wi-Fi, to provide the same type of enhanced and future supplementary services as wireless operators, but without an LTE/EPC infrastructure.

The VoWiFi OTT solution is a cloud-native, data-center-friendly, open, modern, innovative and extensible platform capable of providing services beyond “just voice.” The platform exposes APIs and SDKs through which the operator and/or the developer communities can develop innovative services that generate new sources of revenue and excitement for wireless operators.

The solution supports the concept of NFV as well as network slicing, and can grow and shrink in minutes with the click of a button!

All VNFs in the solution expose and interact with other network functions using the standard 3GPP IMS interfaces. The IMS network functions included in the solution are: P-CSCF, I-CSCF, S-CSCF, E-CSCF, IBCF, IMS-AGW, TrGw, VoLTE TAS, SCC-AS, IP-SM-GW, MFRC, MRFP and ENUM. A MetaView Service Assurance Server (SAS), for always-on analytics and troubleshooting, is also included. Optional components include: HSS, Service Entitlement Server, MGCF and MGW.


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