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NFV Report Metaswitch VoLTE Excerpt

NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) VoLTE cloud native

Only cloud native virtualized network functions running within highly orchestrated container clusters can deliver on the promise of cost-effective, agile, elastic and resilient service infrastructures and applications. Metaswitch delivers the only complete VoLTE solution built from the ground up using cloud native microservices methodologies and deployable within public, private or hybrid cloud environments.

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Simplified VoLTE Roaming - From Dream to Reality

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is one of the most significant evolutions to have hit the voice world in many years, finally migrating one of the last bastions of traditional circuit switched calling to an IP based service. The migration is not without its issues however, requiring the deployment of a potentially complex infrastructure in the mobile network (known as IP Multimedia System or IMS) together with the skills enhancements required among the technical staff in those networks.

This joint white paper from BT and Metaswitch looks at some of the technical reasons for the delays in deploying VoLTE roaming, and addresses some core issues about complexity and how this can be simplified to smooth the path to full global VoLTE deployment and interconnectivity.

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Rhino TAS for VoLTE and VoWiFi datasheet

Datasheets VoLTE Mobile Infrastructure Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) Rhino TAS

Rhino VoLTE TAS provides open and extendable network-hosted IMS functions for voice, video-calling and messaging over LTE and Wi-Fi.

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Rhino Telecom Application Server for Mobile datasheet

Datasheets Mobile Infrastructure Rhino TAS

Rhino Telecom Application Server (Rhino TAS) enables service agility in the telecoms network through an open, flexible platform that utilizes commodity server hardware. Rhino TAS provides the development and delivery environment for legacy SS7 services , IMS services and, of course, converged services that span multiple network technologies. The extensive array of resource adapters enable services to interact with charging platforms, internal IT systems and databases, and web servers.

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Top 5 Challenges in Modernizing Unified Communications and Collaboration

White papers UC (Unified Communications) Business communications Collaboration Accession Meeting

The business meeting is not what it used to be. The scene of a group of company executives sitting around a table in a conference room while munching on sandwiches and brainstorming ideas is more like a take from Mad Men than a description of how businesses operate today. Even if you update the scene and fill the office with advanced technology such as color- display phones, telepresence or high-end video conferencing systems, it’s still clear that there’s something wrong with this picture.

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The Internet of Talk - The Future of Voice Communications

White papers mobile applications Mobile Infrastructure IoTalk

Telephony is the lifeblood of the telecom industry. But that blood has been getting thinner in recent years, as alternative modes of communication, as well as Internet-based providers of basic calling-type services, have grown at the expense of ordinary phone minutes.

And while mobile telephony has extended communications to billions around the world, it has recently faced an
additional challenge. The arrival of 4G and all-IP connectivity has prompted a replacement of legacy circuit-telephony infrastructure with VoIP, and specifically VoLTE. This has been a complex transition and is still ongoing.

But simply replacing old phone networks with newer IP based ones is not enough.

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EVPN Protocol Stacks

Datasheets Networking software VPN (Virtual Private Network) IP (Internet Protocol)

Industry leading networking protocol stacks from Metaswitch provide Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN) services for the data center, service provider networks and enterprise infrastructures.

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Advance Messaging Services with a Converged Network Message Store

White papers Mobile Infrastructure Converged Network Message Store (CNMS) messaging

Now, with the advent of the Converged Network Message Store, operators can leverage their investments in IP and NFV to innovate in messaging again, re-establish subscriber engagement on their messaging platforms and create new revenue-generating services.

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IP Unicast and Multicast Routing Protocol Stacks

Datasheets Networking software IP (Internet Protocol)

With today’s distributed work forces and dispersed customer bases, unified communications and collaboration Our unicast and multicast IP routing protocol stacks are architected to handle the speed, scale and reliability demanded of any network functions delivering infrastructure connectivity solutions and overlay applications. Together with our suite of development toolkits and integration services, employing Metaswitch protocol stacks can dramatically reduce project costs and time to market for anyone building network infrastructure products or platforms. 

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Voice over Wi-Fi Strategies white paper

NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) White papers Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi)

This white paper describes how fixed, mobile and converged services providers can leverage Voice over Wi-Fi as a critical part of their mobility strategy. Native dialer and OTT app approaches are described based on the desired user experience, spectrum assets and overall business strategy. There are clear benefits for the user and the service provider, making VoWiFi a must have in any service provider portfolio. Metaswitch Cloud Native solution accelerates the path to VoWiFi, which increases agility and lowers deployment and operational costs compared to traditional IMS solutions without NFV platforms.

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The application of cloud native design principles to network functions virtualization

NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) White papers SDN (Software Defined Networking) cloud native

Network Functions Virtualization is at the heart of the most fundamental transformation ever undertaken by the communications services industry, with profound impacts on technology planning, network engineering, operations and procurement.   And despite the enormous upheaval that NFV brings to their business, virtually every network operator in the world today accepts its vital importance to their future, and many have already made great progress in their transformation to a software-centric future.

The approach to NFV taken by the majority of network operators appears to be driven mainly from a bottom-up, technology-oriented perspective.  This narrative starts with the observation that most network functions can be provided by software running on commercial off-the-shelf server hardware at considerably lower cost than traditional proprietary purpose-built hardware.  The modern way to deploy software is with virtualization, and for virtualization at scale we need a cloud environment.  If we are deploying software in a cloud environment, then we can automate operations, and save ourselves a ton of operational expense.  

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Integration of IoT and Communications - Disruptive Analysis

mobile applications Mobile Infrastructure Internet of Things (IoT)

This paper by Dean Bubley, the founder of Disruptive Analysis, explores emerging intersections between IoT and real-time communications. It frames and segments the use cases, and examines the opportunity for telecom-type services, especially where enabled by NFV and cloud-based IoT services platforms. The reduced cost and greater flexibility of such platforms may transform telcos’ M2M business units, and enable the emergence of other service providers focused on IoT. We may see new MVNO and PaaS players emerge, taking advantage of more flexible infrastructure. IMS may itself move beyond its SIP roots, to embrace a wider diversity of IP “sessions” and M2M messaging functionality.

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MetaView Statistics Engine datasheet

Datasheets Network management MetaView MetaView Statistics Engine

MetaView Statistics Engine provides dashboards for Perimeta, Clearwater Core and the Metaswitch VoLTE solution. For each supported product or solution, a range of dashboards are available, presenting information at different levels of granularity, from a view of the entire deployment to detailed statistics for a single SBC adjacency.

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EANTC Metaswitch Perimeta vSBC Performance Report

SBC (Session Border Controller) Perimeta White papers

EANTC was commissioned by Intel under the Intel Network Builders program to perform independent tests of the Metaswitch Perimeta SBC Solution. Download the complete report to discover what they found.

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Intel, Metaswitch, Red Hat, Dell Joint vIMS Solutions Brief

NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) White papers VoLTE

Lower Deployment and Operational Costs with Virtualized IMS Using NFV 

Dell, Intel, Metaswitch, and Red Hat demonstrate a virtualized IP Multimedia Subsystem for scalable VoLTE, VoWiFi, unified communications, and other rich media services.

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Audio Transcoding and NFV

SBC (Session Border Controller) NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) White papers Media transcoding

Audio transcoding in the network is most often performed by Session Border Controllers. Traditional physical SBCs invariably make use of specialized hardware designed to minimize the cost, space occupancy and power consumption of the transcoding function. At the heart of that specialized hardware we find Digital Signal Processors (DSPs).

This white paper discusses the transition of the audio transcoding function from proprietary hardware-based SBCs into the NFV cloud environment, and sets out to answer the following questions:

  • How effective is today’s industry-standard hardware at performing audio transcoding?
  • To what extent do suitable acceleration technologies (e.g. DSPs) improve the effectiveness of audio transcoding in an NFV environment?
  • What are the practical aspects of deploying transcoding accelerators in an NFV environment?
  • How is industry-standard hardware evolving in respect of its ability to support audio transcoding, and how does that impact on decisions around the deployment of acceleration technologies for audio transcoding?

The aim of the paper is to give planners the tools they need to make informed decisions about how best to support audio transcoding in an NFV environment today and in the near future.

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Contact center solutions datasheet

Datasheets Contact center Application server Business communications

Contact centers increasingly see the benefits of moving their infrastructure into a cloud-based environment. Since contact center equipment is costly to purchase and maintain, the cloud model enables customers to purchase services in a more efficient manner, buying only what they consume. With the added benefits of rapid deployment, best-in-class features, and regular updates, it's no surprise that the cloud is becoming the preferred model for contact center infrastructure.

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Telco-Grade Services From An IT-Grade Cloud

Fixed-Line Transformation NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) White papers Consumer communications high availability (HA) reliability

How can telco-grade availability be achieved if we move this software into a cloud computing environment that offers, at best, 99.97% availability? That is the question that this white paper sets out to answer.

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ACG white paper: SDN and NFV - The Missing "Organizational Readiness Plan"

NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) White papers SDN (Software Defined Networking)

The telecom industry is facing its biggest disruption. The move to SDN, NFV and virtualization is revolutionary, yet indispensable for any telecom operator. However, the current industry discussions have mainly focused on the technology, with little or no dialogue on the operational side.

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vNOW - NFV Starter Kit - Overview

Already recognized as the only vendor advocating a systematic approach to NFV, Metaswitch has lowered the barrier of entry for Network Operators wanting to virtualize their network functions but who lack the skill-sets or resources required to get started.

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MetaView Analytics datasheet

Understanding the health of your service delivery architecture, your infrastructure utilization and the individual actions of your customers is critical for predicting trends, tuning your network or product portfolio, reexamining feature bundles, fixing pricing and forecasting infrastructure demands. Put Big Data analytics to work for you.

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MetaSphere Cloud Service - Overview

Already recognized as the only vendor advocating a systematic approach to NFV, Metaswitch has lowered the barrier to entry dramatically. Featuring the platform, management interfaces, applications, feature sets and analytics solutions you’ve relied on for over a decade, the MetaSphere MTAS Cloud Service enables network operators of any size to deploy some - or all - of their residential and business communications solutions from a highly secure and reliable hosted infrastructure, managed and maintained by Metaswitch.

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Insights - System Security Review - Overview

The  Insights System Security Review service is designed to educate and inform, enabling you to act on potential security issues in your network. From network functions to applications servers and management systems, specially trained Metaswitch support engineers perform  a rigorous review making sure that you’re on-top of all of our best practice guidelines.

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Metaswitch Robocall Blocking Service - Overview

Fight back today with the Metaswitch Robocall Blocking Service. A hybrid service offering, the Metaswitch Robocall Blocking Service consolidates blacklisted phone numbers from service providers around the globe, creating a vast, real-time, database repository that can be accessed instantaneously as calls traverse your switching infrastructure. 

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MarketVisions Complete - Overview

MarketVisions Complete extends a fully integrated suite of technical and marketing resources to Network Operators looking to increase market presence, break into new segments and geographies or deliver new service offerings, dramatically reducing time-to-market while affording the opportunity to rapidly realize new revenue streams. 

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