UK Gender Pay Gap


UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2017-18

As of 6 April 2017, the UK government requires all UK companies with more than 250 employees to publish their Gender Pay Gap (GPG) data. We welcome this new initiative.

The GPG is the difference between the average pay for all men and the average pay for all women in our UK organisation. It is very important to be clear that this is different to equal pay, which is the right for an employee to be paid the same as another employee when doing the same, or equivalent, work.

Metaswitch believes in creating a diverse and gender balanced workforce. We are proud to have a very strong policy that all employees at Metaswitch are paid based on the nature of their job, their performance in the job and their qualifications, without consideration of their gender. We take our equal pay obligations seriously and keep this under review to ensure that those performing the same or similar work are remunerated fairly.

Gender Pay and Bonus Gap Results

Our results are shown in the tables below and published on the UK Government website.

Table 1

  Metaswitch GPG
Mean hourly rate 30.8%
Median hourly rate 25.7%
Mean bonus pay 60.2%
Median bonus pay 47.6%

Table 1: the % difference between the mean and median average hourly pay, and the mean and median average bonus, for all men and all women in the UK organisation. A positive measure indicates the extent to which the average pay or bonus for female employees is less than the average for male employees.

Table 2

Proportion of male employees receiving a bonus Proportion of female employees receiving a bonus
88.6% 83.8%

Table 2: the proportions of UK male and female employees who were paid bonus in the year leading up to 5 April 2017.  

Table 3

Pay quartile distribution Male Employees Female Employees
Lower 54.7% 45.3%
Lower middle 84.7% 15.3%
Upper middle 88.0% 12.0%
Upper 92.3% 7.7%

Table 3: in each of the lower, lower middle, upper middle and upper quartile pay bands, the proportion of UK employees who are male or female.

We believe strongly that our gap is not an equal pay issue, but due to the lack of female representation in senior roles. Like other technology and engineering companies in our sector, we face challenges recruiting women into technical roles. We also need and want more female representation in non-technical senior roles.

What are we doing to reduce our gap?

We have a number of Diversity and Inclusion policies and initiatives in place, and are working proactively and collaboratively with a number of external organisations - including the Royal Academy of Engineering and WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) – to support us in our ongoing commitment to reduce our gap.

In parallel, we are driving forward a number of external and internal initiatives in the UK to improve our gender balance, the main themes of which are:

  • Increasing the stretch and reach of our recruitment
    • This will include proactive campaigns to make sure that we are attracting and encouraging people from all protected characteristics to embrace and develop a career at Metaswitch, alongside introducing a new diversity questionnaire into our application process to provide necessary visibility of areas for focus and improvement.
  • Maximising our appeal to a more diverse range of potential employees
    • We are transforming our recruitment communications, marketing style and wording, together with reviewing our flexible working and family-friendly policies.
  • Removing any potential internal bias from our systems and processes
    • We are proud of our selection process and will be subjecting it to rigorous assessment to make sure it is the best it can be, as well as expanding unconscious bias training to all interviewers and managers.
  • Equipping and empowering our employees to take ownership and drive their career progression
    • We’ll be creating better visibility of career paths; establishing internal networks and mentoring programs, looking at team structures and working methods, and improving transparency around salary and career progression.
  • Ensuring inclusion is a fundamental part of Metaswitch and what we do
    • Making sure that every relevant policy, procedure and guidance we provide encourages inclusive ways of working.

We are committed to ensuring Metaswitch has a progressive, diverse, inclusive and supportive environment for all our employees. Reducing our GPG will not be a quick fix, but we know that increased diversity in our workforce will increase our innovation and improve the service we provide our global customers, as well as demonstrating the full variety of inclusive and fulfilling career opportunities we offer. We are embracing our part in this initiative and looking forward to driving lasting change.


I confirm the Metaswitch gender pay information and data reported here is accurate as at 5 April 2017.

Justine McLennan
Global Head of HR