MetaView NMS

  • A telephony Network Management System (NMS)
  • Includes comprehensive provisioning interfaces
  • Powerful analytics and troubleshooting tools 

What is it?

The MetaView Network Management System comprises a number of distinct applications that work together to provide the tools required to deploy, provision, manage and troubleshoot an end-to-end voice infrastructure. Dynamically deployable as independent cloud native network functions, MetaView components include intuitive interfaces for element configuration and service analytics for our telephony portfolio.


How do we help?

By dramatically simplifying the provisioning process, MetaView puts the power of the Metaswitch portfolio into the hands of any administrator, while providing the tools required for network technicians to fine-tune complex configurations. Our suite of analytics applications provide deep visibility into the operation of a telephony offering, preventing service outages and reducing mean-time-to-repair metrics.


When to contact us.

Deploying a voice network? You need MetaView. MetaView Explorer exposes every configuration attribute to network technicians while MetaView Web provides a simplified interface for operators and admins. We also have tools to monitor voice quality across a network, simplify handset provisioning and even decode signaling messaging crossing out components. Have a large network? MetaView Director simplifies it.


MetaView Provisioning  Systems

MetaView Explorer, MetaView Web and our SIP provisioning servers significantly simplify the deployment of complex voice networks, cutting the time to market for new service offerings while reducing operational expenses.

MetaView Explorer    |    MetaView Web


Gain Valuble Operational Insights

Featuring Metaswitch SAS, Azure Operator Insights leverages comprehensive machine learning to deliver artificial intelligence that can dynamically aid in understanding the health and automating the operation of your network.

MetaView SAS

Scale MetaView Deployments

MetaView Director is specifically designed to counter and correct the issues typically associated with managing and troubleshooting large network deployments while providing a centralized notifications repository.

MetaView Director