Operator Connect using Perimeta SBC

  • Microsoft Operator Connect aligns Microsoft Teams with the Telco PSTN
  • Metaswitch Perimeta SBC is certified for the Operator Connect program
  • Perimeta can be deployed in Azure public cloud or in the Operator’s network

What is it?

Operator Connect is a program which builds closer alignment between Microsoft Teams and qualified Telco Operators’ offering PSTN access to Microsoft Teams users, to deliver an enhanced customer experience. Operator Connect enhances integration between the Telco network and Microsoft Teams streamlining provisioning and management of users and enhanced support models that will augment QoS.


How do we help?

With Operator Connect, the certified SBC must be multi-tenant and managed by the Operator. Metaswitch’s Perimeta SBC complies with Operator Connects’ architectural best practices, is built to support Operators supporting tens of thousands of Enterprises on a single SBC instance, and is designed to maintain high levels of reliability and scale whether in network or in Azure public cloud.

When to contact us.

Telecom Operators who are looking to become part of the Operator Connect program require a Microsoft Teams certified Session Border Controller (SBC). Metaswitch’s award winning Perimeta SBC addresses both Direct Routing and Operator Connect deployments and is available in the Azure Marketplace today. Should you require more in-depth information please get in touch.


Managed SBC Datasheet

Metaswitch’s Managed SBC for Operator Connect fulfills the multi-tenant, Operator-hosted Microsoft certified SBC requirement for telcos participating in the Operator Connect program. 

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