Robocall Blocking

  • Robocalls are eroding trust in your telephony service
  • Caller ID spoofing is a primary enabler for scammers
  • A partnership with TNS delivers a complete solution

What is it?

With billions of unwanted calls made every month, the robocall problem has seemingly spiraled out of control. Tremendous efforts have been made, across the industry, to design a comprehensive answer to this scourge that will solve the issue once and for all. The ability to spoof a Caller ID is one of the critical enablers for phone scammers, so STIR/SHAKEN is the first key element of any robocall blocking solution.


How do we help?

Employing secure digital signatures to validate each call, STIR/SHAKEN provides the framework to trust Caller ID again. The TNS Call Guardian Authentication Hub employs MetaSphere QCall to deliver the most accurate and reliable robocall prevention solution on the market. As a fully managed hosted solution, you can deploy it in a matter of days without the need to deploy new equipment or install software in your network.


When to contact us.

Have robocalls caused your subscribers to lose trust or patience in your core telephony service offering? Are you being mandated by communications regulators to fix an issue that continues to cause a flood of consumer complaints? We have partnered with TNS to deliver a complete solution to the robocall problem that has already been proven within some of the world's largest networks.


Call Guardian Authentication Hub

Call Guardian Authentication Hub combines MetaSphere QCall for STIR / SHAKEN and TNS’s Call Guardian analytics to deliver the most accurate and reliable robocall prevention solution. For details, check out our datasheet.

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MetaSphere QCall

MetaSphere QCall enables network operators to meet the increasing mandates of communications regulators, around the globe, to implement technologies that combat robocalling and telephone scammers. 

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