Modern Slavery Statement

Policy statement

Metaswitch Networks Ltd and its subsidiary companies (together “Metaswitch”) is committed to ensure that there are no instances of modern slavery or human trafficking occurring within its own business or that of its supply chains.

Metaswitch’s business model

Metaswitch’s own employees are very largely highly qualified individuals, who join the company following rigorous selection processes which are conducted by or visible to senior management. As such the company considers that the demographic from which it recruits and the recruitment processes it adopts mean that it has a very low risk of engaging employees in breach of modern slavery or human trafficking obligations.

Contractors and supply chain

The majority of Metaswitch’s business consists of products and services which it creates and delivers directly. However it has a small number of organisations from whom it purchases goods or services, and others through which it supplies its own products and services. Metaswitch is commencing a process of auditing its supply chain and distribution / channel partners to ensure that their processes for ensuring that they have no involvement with modern slavery or human trafficking are appropriate and robust, both within their organisations and their own supply chains.


Metaswitch will initially provide appropriate training to those personnel responsible for conducting audits of third parties with whom Metaswitch does business. It is anticipated that training may be extended to other personnel in future.


Metaswitch Networks Limited is a covered subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation and all actions taken in the attached statement include Metaswitch Networks Limited.

This policy has been approved and adopted by the board of directors of Microsoft Corporation and signed by it’s the Microsoft Board of Directors.

Penny Pritzker, Director (Microsoft Board of Directors).

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