Perimeta Session Border Controller

  • Proven security from attacks when under heavy load
  • Powerful message manipulation for interworking
  • Unique analytics provides unmatched insights 

What is it?

Perimeta is the first session border controller (SBC) built entirely in software and designed to operate in any cloud environment. Featuring unique media and signaling plane separation, Perimeta can granularly scale to meet changing demands. Our solution features a secure distribution engine (SDE) for load balancing and distributed admission control (DAM) for simplifying massively scalable deployments.


How do we help?

Delivering a robust and reliable demarcation point for voice access and interconnect is critical for securing communications infrastructure. Perimeta operates on a zero trust model, guaranteeing protection of infrastructure deployed within compute clouds. Powerful inter-working features ensure service interoperability and our unique management systems deliver unprecedented insight into call flows.


When to contact us.

If your current SBC hardware is EOL or you are expanding capacity, then we can provide a modern alternative. If you are moving your communications infrastructure to a private, public or hybrid cloud, then we have the leading vSBC. If you want to deploy Microsoft Teams direct routing, deliver a robocall blocking service using STIR/ SHAKEN or need a solution for VoLTE/VoNR interconnect, Perimeta is for you.


Perimeta SBC Datasheet

Our session border controller can be deployed in any compute environment and used to provide security and interworking for carrier, MSP and enterprise VoIP access and interconnect infrastructures. 

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Perimeta for Teams DR Brochure

With Direct Routing, businesses can enable Microsoft Teams users to connect to the outside world (PSTN) with their Operator’s reliable and secure network, and a Microsoft Teams certified Session Border Controller (SBC).

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Direct Routing with Perimeta SBC