UC and Collaboration

  • Feature rich, brandable, UC&C for your SMBs
  • New enterprise offerings increase revenues 
  • Easy to deploy with simple onboarding

What is it?

A mobile workforce presents challenges to SMBs trying to maximize productivity while increasing customer satisfaction. Employees must juggle business and personal personas on a single mobile device but confusing and inconstant experiences with alternative UC apps results in low adoption. A branded, well-integrated, UC&C offering benefits both enterprises and network operators, with opportunities to increase ARPU.


How do we help?

MaX UC is designed for network operators wanting to deliver a superior user experience, especially for the growing mobile workforce. It combines the native dialer experience of a smartphone with HD voice, video, rich text/chat and meeting features. With simple subscriber onboarding, MaX is easily deployed in operator networks to maximum benefits of a carrier UC offering with a minimum amount of effort.


When to contact us.

You have a respected brand, within the markets you serve, so why not leverage that to increase revenue streams from your most lucrative customer base. Our white label hosted UC offering can be customized specifically to the requirements of individual operators and markets, enabling you to easily deploy and onboard a complete portfolio of intuitive group collaboration tools to your business customers.



MaX is a white label unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) offering delivered using a combination of network-based technologies and cloud services. It includes comprehensive group collaboration features for enterprises of all sizes.

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Mobility: The Next Frontier for UC

Competitive advantage is determined by an organization’s ability to make the best decision, with the right people, in as short a time as possible, regardless of where they are. This white paper from No Jitter explains how UC can help.

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Introducing MaX UC

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