MetaSphere QCall

  • Leading implementation of STIR/SHAKEN standards
  • Comply with new regulations and reduce complaints
  • Works with TNS Call Guardian reputation database

What is it?

Built to fight robocalling and regain consumer’s trust in the simple phone call, MetaSphere QCall is the leading implementation of a framework of standards known as STIR/SHAKEN. Built using cloud native design methodologies, MetaSphere QCall is easy to deploy in any virtualization environment and can quickly scale to meet the demand of any size NGN or IMS network. We also have a complete managed service offering.


How do we help?

MetaSphere QCall enables network operators to meet the increasing mandates of communications regulators, around the globe, to implement technologies that combat robocalling and telephone scammers. QCall is integrated with our Service Assurance Server, providing essential traceback of robocalls. QCall operates with reputation databases such as Call Guardian from Transaction Network Services (TNS).


When to contact us.

The FCC’s TRACED Act requires that all telephone service providers adopt Caller ID authentication technology and the Canadian RTC has specifically mandated the deployment of STIR/SHAKEN. Metaswitch was the first implementation verified by ATIS and with Call Guardian from TNS we can help you regain consumer trust in you services and dramatically reduce customer complaints. Get started today.


MetaSphere QCall Datasheet

Eliminate robocalls and prevent phone scammers using techniques like Caller ID spoofing with the leading implementation of IETF and ATIS STIR / SHAKEN standards delivered on a pure cloud native platform. 

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Robocall Blocking Solutions

Call Guardian Authentication Hub combines Metaswitch's MetaSphere QCall for STIR / SHAKEN and TNS’s Call Guardian analytics to deliver the most accurate and reliable robocall prevention solution.

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How to implement STIR/SHAKEN

No two networks look the same, and in talking to several customers about options to deploy STIR / SHAKEN, we have seen all the combinations you can imagine. This blog post outlines some typical implementations.

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