Metaswitch is a Microsoft company

About Metaswitch

Metaswitch is a recognized leader in the development of ultra-high-performance, cloud native communications software. Metaswitch products are designed to run on the customer premises, or in private, public and hybrid clouds. Our award-winning solutions power more than 750 fixed, mobile and converged service providers worldwide.

Under the auspices of the Azure for Operators initiative, the Metaswitch DNA is now an integral part of Microsoft’s strategy to help network operators transform their networks and services with cloud technologies. Comprising platforms, products, and services running on-premises, at the edge or in the cloud, these solutions are managed and secured by Azure innovations. Azure for Operators enables service providers to modernize infrastructure, fully monetize the capabilities of their network, and maximize the value of the edge. 

As a pioneering network software provider, Metaswitch has a history of powering the voice, data and unified communications services of some of the world’s largest operators. From the ground up, we leverage and fuse our expert knowledge of the software and programming languages that dominate both web-scale applications and more traditional communication networks.  

We embrace agile development methodologies that maximize the speed of innovation.  We are the first company to deploy the same software in both the central office/local exchange and the data center, carefully taking our customers on the necessary journey from where they have been to where they must go.  This cloud native approach to developing our mission critical software is not only helping traditional communications service providers transform their networks, but also uniquely positions us as the partner of choice for aggressive new entrants that understand the architectural needs of today’s new service platforms.  

Our cloud native software is built on microservices that can be deployed in lightweight container environments. These micro components communicate through open programming interfaces, scale elastically without notional limits, self-heal, integrate easily into best of breed operational support systems and provide cost-effective redundancy. Microservices enable our customers to adopt a DevOps approach for faster service innovation, where each software component of a new service or function can be upgraded independently, and easily orchestrated as part of an operator’s now critical business process automation workflows.

Regardless of their position in the battle for providing the new service platform, established operators and new entrants recognize Metaswitch simply and undisputedly as “the faster way forward.”

Products and Solutions

Recognized as a long-time leader in providing high performance software to the communications industry, Metaswitch has gained a reputation for providing the industry’s most resilient, best-supported, carrier grade products for voice, data and unified communications services.  Our full stack solutions - comprising edge, core, applications and management orchestration - are deployed in many of the world’s largest networks, depended on by every type of network operator and selected by global systems integrators. 

Proven installations across our 750+ service provider customers include:

  • VoIP softswitches and gateways
  • VoLTE/VoWiFi
  • Voice and VoLTE interconnect
  • IMS core deployments
  • Session Border Control
  • Robocall blocking
  • Converged voice and data messaging
  • Group Communications and Collaboration
  • Cloud contact centers

With a history of delivering carrier-class software and appliances, Metaswitch understands the particular needs of real-time communication service providers, and is the only company to constantly demonstrate the continuation of these high and necessary standards for product performance when moving physical network functions into the cloud.

In addition, Metaswitch’s data protocol stacks have been designed into the product lines of more than 250 OEMs.  Building on this vast experience, Metaswitch is also actively developing 5G core control and data plane elements that are redefining performance throughput expectations for what is thought possible on “off the shelf” servers running public cloud stacks.

The Metaswitch Platform

In the battle for delivering the new service platform, network operators will depend on strategic partners and technology suppliers as “platforms” themselves.  Widely recognized as a supplier of the products, solutions, technologies and know-how that allows today’s most innovative service providers to build their cloud-based service platforms, Metaswitch has earned this reputation by remaining fully focused on the four pillars that support our own success:

  • Network Software DNA: As a cloud native networking pioneer, Metaswitch delivered platforms that separated control and user planes as early as 1990.  We subsequently delivered the world’s first cloud native IMS voice core, fully containerized 5G core and software-only packet processor.  Our deep, first hand insights into customer cloud and ecosystem requirements, early adoption of agile development methodologies, and proven product innovation fully exemplifies our unmatched knowledge of cloud-native networking know-how.
  • Critical Mass of Scarce Talent: The world’s best network software engineering specialists are hard to find - which is why Metaswitch has worked hard to recruit and retain an unrivaled talent pool.  Hiring from the world’s top schools, our thirst to put the best engineers in a uniquely collaborative environment has led to productivity and retention metrics that far surpass industry averages.
  • Cloud Native IP: Metaswitch has built an enviable portfolio of cloud native products and solutions.  We use our proprietary Quicksilver microservices development platform to accelerate the creation of cloud-native software elements by an order of magnitude.  These products are designed from the ground up to be hardware independent, container ready and automation oriented.
  • Proven Execution Excellence: We believe that our company’s success depends on our customer’s success. And we’ve backed up our mantra by building an envied, world-class support organization. Whether our customers need help with installation, commissions, migrations, 24/7 customer care, training or custom professional services, Metaswitch has earned an unmatched reputation for excellence in supporting customers through their most complex technology transitions.  But don’t take our word for it. With a Net Promoter Score of 57, Metaswitch customers score our care organization at a level that most suppliers can only dream of. Fully 77% of customers say that Metaswitch offers better support than any other vendor. While the quality of support is critical, in today’s hyper-competitive market, customers also look to Metaswitch to move quickly with bringing new services to markets. In many instances, we have implemented POCs and even new services in just a matter of days - shattering industry expectations.