Consumer Voice

  • Rethink the concept of the home phone line
  • Connect the family regardless of location
  • Enable rich HD multimedia communications 

What is it?

While the value of a home phone is rapidly decreasing, the importance of a family phone service has never been greater. Fixed-line network operators have the opportunity to underscore the value of the home phone number as a family line, extending this lifeline connection to mobile handsets and enhancing it with modern connectivity options and multimedia features demanded of today’s communications offerings.


How do we help?

Our solution drives down the cost of delivering residential telephony by eliminating the analog and TDM infrastructure associated with POTS. MetaSphere replaces your legacy switch with a pure software product employing VoIP, giving the option to deliver voice over your customers broadband internet and extend services to mobile devices. With MaX, we augment these offerings with enhanced multimedia and UC.


When to contact us.

Are you an ILEC or CLEC who has a legacy Class 5 switch that is EOL or simply becoming a support burden? Do you want to dramatically lower operational expenses to help prevent fixed-line erosion by reducing service costs? Do you need to increase the value of your residential offering by extending the home phone number to the family’s mobile handsets and increasing its value with HD voice and multimedia? Call us!


MetaSphere CFS and EAS

MetaSphere is the preeminent platform for delivering fixed-line local calling and long distance voice (softswitch) services in modern telephone networks.

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Media Gateway Control Datasheets

Our 100% virtualized access and media gateway control functions (MGCF/AGCF) complete the PSTN emulation subsystem (PES) when migrating from NGN to IMS.

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MaX is a white label unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) offering delivered using a combination of network-based technologies and cloud services.

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