Converged Network Message Store

Innovate in messaging with the world's first cloud native message store


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      • Agile cloud store for all voicemail, text, M2M and video messages

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      • Device, OS and application independence eliminates vendor lock-in

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      • Employs cloud native methodologies for scalability and resiliency

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      • Enable synchronized multi-device mobile UC and consumer services

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      • Standardizes RCS by driving global interoperability between operators


In the highly competitive messaging market, traditional SMS and MMS services have been overtaken by popular over-the-top (OTT) applications like Skype, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Plus, as subscribers are increasingly realizing how their default communications services are becoming intrinsically linked to their handset, many are now looking for more portable, cross-platform alternatives that have the ubiquity of a classic phone call or text message.

With the transition to cloud native, software-centric IP-based networks and the advent of centralized network message stores, mobile operators have an opportunity to not only deliver the innovative messaging features that their customers crave but also unlock new revenue-generating services. 

Product description

Product description

The Converged Network Message Store (CNMS) from Metaswitch lets network operators leverage their investments in IP and NFV to innovate in messaging again, re-establishing subscriber engagement on their messaging interfaces while creating new revenue-generating applications.

The CNMS manages presence information and enables users to access their voice, video, text and group chat messages and message history on any device with any OS. Network operators can combine these functions to provide innovative applications on a user’s smartphone, tablet, PC, smartwatch or connected car interface.

The CNMS is a standards-based software solution that has been designed from the ground up to operate in cloud environments on commodity hardware. Metaswitch’s cloud native software design is key to helping operators achieve the flexibility, agility and cost efficiency they need to compete with web-scale rivals in today’s messaging market.

With the CNMS, network operators can leverage open APIs to differentiate their messaging services by offering experiences that are unique to their networks. To foster the development of new services, the CNMS supports the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) RESTful API for network message stores, enabling interfaces to other operator service platforms and to third party services and applications.

Building on the foundation of Metaswitch’s flexible CNMS, network operators will be well-positioned to adapt to the rapidly changing messaging market and remain relevant to their subscribers. Developers are injecting chatbots into messaging platforms to allow users to make purchases, check the weather, or receive news updates from their messaging app. The rise of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and smart home applications means messaging functionality will be synced with even more devices. Metaswitch’s Converged Network Message Store is a critical component that will put operators back in the driving seat for innovating in messaging services.


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