Robocall Blocking Service

Now network operators can protect their subscribers and the integrity of their telephony services

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    Blocks possible offshore criminals and fraudsters

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    Protects subscribers and helps defend your brand

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    Consolidates multiple real-time blacklist sources

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    Cost-effective pay-as-you-grow subscription pricing

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    Cloud-hosted with a microservices architecture

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    Supports IMS, NGN and legacy TDM switches


Robocallers and unwanted telemarketers harass and scam subscribers, degrade quality of service and damage the network operator’s reputation.

Now there’s a simple, cost-effective and cloud-based solution: Metaswitch’s Robocall Blocking Service.

The Robocall Blocking Service blocks incoming calls from suspected robocallers, and prevents them from ever reaching a subscriber’s telephone. It is intelligent enough to recognize the difference between malicious robocalls and legitimate robocalls, such as those originating from community emergency information services. It blocks the malicious robocalls but allows legitimate calls to pass through.

  • Matches phone numbers against a real-time database of blacklisted numbers
  • Uses data from independent third party providers (based on public listings and user reports)
  • Applies complex weighted algorithms to real-time call volumes and other historical trend data
  • Checks calls instantaneously as they traverse a network operator’s switching infrastructure
  • Drops robocalls before they reach the subscriber
  • Quickly adapts to counter new attack vectors as they emerge in future
  • Built on a cloud native architecture and hosted by Metaswitch
  • Supports all voice infrastructures and switches, from legacy Class 5 TDM to Metaswitch’s pure VoIP systems
  • Existing Metaswitch customers can deploy the Robocall Blocking Service without needing to buy, install, configure or maintain any additional equipment.
  • Other network operators with TDM infrastructures can make the Robocall Blocking Service available to their subscribers with the simple addition of Metaswitch’s high availability application server.

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Why use Metaswitch’s Robocall Blocking Service?

It’s a staggering fact that one in every five calls received today is a robocall.

While spam mail was once the scourge of email inboxes everywhere, email clients and services have become increasingly adept at weeding out undesirable messages. Meanwhile, the telephone service - once the most trusted form of communications - provides almost no protection against unwanted calls.

In this high-tech age, fraudsters remain decidedly low-tech. Telephone scams are on the rise, extorting hundreds of millions of dollars out of subscribers every year. Primarily targeting the elderly, these criminals operate offshore, skirting the law and ignoring do not call lists. Using robocalling techniques to hook targets, en-masse, at little or no cost, these activities can turn a phone call into something to be feared or an annoyance to simply be ignored, rendering a key revenue generating service practically useless.

Determined to address the 200,000-plus complaints filed every year, the FCC together with the network operator and vendor community have formed a Strike Force whose sole aim is combat robocalls.

Network operators can take a leadership role in stopping robocallers with the Robocall Blocking Service from Metaswitch.

[Metaswitch’s Robocall Blocking Service has] virtually eliminated unwanted solicitors from contacting our customers. Unwanted calls have been more and more frequent in recent years, and the ramifications of them, including rampant financial fraud, more damaging.
Rob Knowles
Marketing Manager, Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Oregon

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