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Serveurcom Selects Metaswitch for Business Communications

Metaswitch technologies and expertise help bring advanced voice services to market quickly and scale seamlessly   Network software provider Metaswitch Networks® today announced that Serveurcom,...Read more

You'd Love to Have DevOps, But Don’t Know Where to Start!

You are not alone. You are in the same boat as many other telcos. And probably wondering where to start. If you have not read my last blog on the importance of DevOps for the operation of future...Read more

Guaranteeing QoS for the IoT - With the Obligatory Pokemon Go References

References that, like everyone else right now, I’m using to grab a few additional page views. Do I feel as slimy as an Ekans?1 Yes -- but my mother is proud of me. Then again, she is also a proud...Read more

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Audio Transcoding and NFV

Audio transcoding in the network is most often performed by Session Border Controllers. Traditional physical SBCs invariably make use of specialized...Read more

Contact center solutions datasheet

Contact centers increasingly see the benefits of moving their infrastructure into a cloud-based environment. Since contact center equipment is costly...Read more

Telco-Grade Services From An IT-Grade Cloud

How can telco-grade availability be achieved if we move this software into a cloud computing environment that offers, at best, 99.97% availability?...Read more

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Customer Support Engineer (US)

The Customer Support Team The Customer Support team is a vital part of the overall Metaswitch organisation. The team has played a key role in the...Read more