Get IP telephony, hosted business services and session border control

It's all software, so it's all powered by standard hardware or cloud computing resources

  • OEM

    Because all Metaswitch's portable software products are based on a common operating environment, the N-BASE, our Solutions - which combine multiple products into off-the-shelf packages - maintain consistent interfaces, performance, reliability, and tracing/debugging tools. The N-BASE is used by all of our network software products and protocols, and helps us develop high quality, reliable portable code. As importantly, it also helps our customers quickly and easily get that code running on their platforms.)))

  • IMS

    The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is ready to deliver on its promise of all-IP telephony, transitioning operators from being facilities-based to being true software telcos, while protecting their investment in transmission equipment and maintaining service continuity. IMS is a critical step in the evolution of the telco network. IMS brings a greater level of standardization and interworking, and a modern software-centric approach, to next-generation network architecture. IMS infrastructures are built on logical functions, rather than from traditional, distinct hardware elements, which provides network operators the flexibility of varied software/hardware deployment models and the option to deliver on the promise of network functions virtualization (NFV). )))


    Recent Metaswitch research confirms that VoIP meets or exceeds expectations in all relevant categories when compared to TDM.  With 27% of businesses already running on VoIP, and 64% projected to switch in the next 2 years, service providers must act now to secure their position as the integrated service provider of choice.  Metaswitch has more than ten years' experience helping hundreds of service providers, worldwide, migrate their networks to VoIP. )))

  • Session Border Control

    SIP sessions must be secured and normalized, accessible and analyzed. With VoIP taking off in wireline and wireless consumer networks, and new infrastructure-based services forever changing the relationship between signaling and media, a new class of SBC is required that can scale these functions individually in a distributed model or as an integrated appliance. With this unique view of migratory and scaling challenges in NGN, only Metaswitch is delivering a second era of SBC that is ready for the new challenges of session control.  )))

  • Hosted Business Services

    Businesses everywhere are going hosted. Enterprise customers are switching from complex and costly TDM PBX systems to cheap and easy-to-use hosted PBX or SIP trunking solutions.  63% of businesses intend to go hosted in the next two years, and three quarters would switch providers to get the advanced mobility features that they want. Metaswitch can help you be a part of the revolution with a suite of hosted business services that delivers compelling telephony applications, comprehensive mobility features, lower costs for you and your customers, and innovative management systems that will help you deploy your new services faster than you thought possible.  )))