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      • Family connectivity is the cornerstone of the home phone

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      • Mobile increases reachability but decreases family unity

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      • HD voice, video and chat are table stakes for phone service

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      • World-leading infrastructure and applications from Metaswitch

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      • Unique Mobile UC interfaces help target and retain families


Today’s consumers are shunning residential telephony services tied to a home phone, or are simply cutting the cord entirely. Network operators can mitigate this change by increasing the portability, ubiquity, flexibility and features offered by a fixed-line phone number. With homes, hangouts and almost every destination now served by high-speed and low-cost wireless broadband, the stage is set for the next big step in the evolution of telephony: the widespread adoption of consumer unified communications.

While the home phone as a physical device will continue its decline, fixed-line network operators must underscore the value of the home phone number as a family line. Fixed-line network operators must also ensure that the services extended from the home phone number number meet or exceed those available on mobile phones numbers. It is critical to provide not only family-centric connectivity and mobility, but also rich communications with an emphasis on call control, HD voice, video and chat.

Solution description

Solution description

Metaswitch’s Consumer VoIP solution drives down the cost of delivering residential telephony by eliminating the analog and TDM infrastructure associated with POTS. Lower costs enable lLECs and CLECs to remain competitive while addressing the threat from over-the-top (OTT) providers head-on. Broadband access facilities allow network operators to deliver multiple VoIP “lines” to the same home, effectively at no extra cost, offering the opportunity to upsell residential customers to personal lines or even multiple temporary and disposable numbers for each member of the household.

More importantly, Consumer VoIP enables network operators to extend an entire suite of rich unified communications services to any device and any location in the world, over licensed (LTE) or unlicensed (Wi-Fi) mobile broadband connections. With that native capability, the unifying power of the home phone can follow family members anywhere, even if they are physically separated. This enables mothers, fathers, grandparents, kids, friends and relatives to stay connected easily.

Metaswitch’s Consumer VoIP solution is built on our industry-leading and fully virtualized MetaSphere CFS and EAS multiservice telephony application servers (MTAS / TAS), and features powerful Mobile UC applications and interfaces. It includes all of the ingredients ILECs and CLECs require to compete against mobile and OTT providers for highly lucrative family phone revenue stream. It not only offers standard and enhanced calling features, network-based voicemail and web access portals, but includes our exclusive mobile applications that enable active families to manage their calling features and keep in touch easily, wherever they are. 

Zach Cutrell

Director of Operations, Citizens Fiber

These software solutions from Metaswitch enable us to modernize our infrastructure, moving us from legacy switching to virtualized network functions as the basis of our voice-over-IP offerings.

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