MetaSphere Multiservice Telephony Application Server

Fully virtualized Class 4 and Class 5 switching plus unified messaging and unified communications


    • telephone43
      • High availability in cloud infrastructures

    • layers
      • Pre-IMS and IMS PSTN Emulation (PES)

    • telephone37
      • Complete consumer local calling features

    • video-call
      • Comprehensive hosted business telephony

    • tablet26
      • Unified communications and mobility offerings

    • networking
      • Tandem and long distance core switching


Now that every home, business and hangout is connected to high-quality broadband, the stage is set for the next big step in the evolution of telephony: the widespread adoption of consumer unified communications. With competition heating-up for a share of the monthly household and enterprise telecom spend, the UC marketplace is the next big battleground, and mobility, HD voice, video and chat are the ammunition that network operators must have in their armory.

Product description

Product description

From local calling services to advanced business unified communications, the MetaSphere range of fully-virtualized multiservice telephony application servers (MTAS) is designed to support a broad array of voice and video applications. With virtualized options for NFV implementations, the MetaSphere Call Feature Server and Enhanced Application Server (CFS / EAS) enable a complete suite of powerful residential and enterprise communications tools that network operators can deploy on-demand as they grow.

With MetaSphere, consumer and business calling features work the same way on any kind of phone and on any type of network connection: black phones connected to POTS lines, VoIP phones, or Metaswitch’s Accession Communicator unified communications clients over fixed or mobile broadband. This ensures that subscribers enjoy the same set of calling features and the same consistent user interface. In addition, subscribers can use Metaswitch’s CommPortal Web interface for even easier access to their calling features, service settings and messages.

MetaSphere also manages calls across disparate user equipment and networks, enabling dynamic session continuity. End users can move calls-in-progress from standard narrowband telephones to broadband PC clients, mobile handsets or tablets and between any wireless infrastructure. With endpoint that support the capabilities, users can also uplift to enriched media calls, such as HD video.

Extremely scalable and resilient, MetaSphere is designed to provide a high degree of flexibility in whatever network it is deployed. The platform resides within the applications layer of emerging next generation networks that are transitioning to all-IP ETSI/TISPAN or PacketCable 2.0 IMS cores, extending a full suite of multimedia supplementary services.

MetaSphere enables network operators to quickly and easily deploy classic telephony services or innovative new multimedia applications with the confidence of carrier-class availability. The platform provides unique geographical redundancy options across individual components, to ensure service continuity even during major infrastructure failures. Network operators can deploy MetaSphere with the MetaView network management system to benefit from a common platform for operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning, combined with proactive and reactive analytics. 


Ryan Delgrosso

CTO, Broadvoice

Metaswitch demonstrated its ability to easily flex and scale our services to our business and residential customers’ demands and capitalize on cost savings by using standard hardware, at any location.

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