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      • Built for mobile with native dialer and network voice for superior UX

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      • Multi-persona with network intelligence for automated identity management

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      • Multi-device support with simple user and business controls

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      • Rich suite of business features, including collaboration and meetings

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      • Ideal solution for for prosumers, SMBs or large enterprises


By 2020, there will be 2 billion mobile users in the business workforce. These users often struggle to collaborate effectively with customers and colleagues, or to manage their work/life balance from their mobile devices. Meanwhile, employers face the challenge of enabling mobile employees with productivity tools that are cost-effective and subject to enterprise management and policy control. 

Solution description

Solution description

Metaswitch’s Mobile UC solution is the industry’s first solution to blend a network-based approach to voice with a companion app to provide rich group features, collaboration and meetings.

With the Mobile UC solution, mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) can enable mobile business users and their employers to overcome their communication challenges. Operators can use Mobile UC to grow lucrative business revenues on top of basic mobile voice and data plans that are rapidly becoming commoditized. For operators with legacy intelligent network (IN)-based services, the Mobile UC solution also provides a replacement-and-migration path toward comprehensive business services for Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Video over LTE (ViLTE) and Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) users.

Our Mobile UC offering delivers what users want: a simple native dialer experience for multiple identities associated with personal and business personas. It affords superior voice call quality and reliability while affording users the power to extend their voice services across not only multiple devices but across residential or commercial broadband. The Mobile UC solution provides packages for a variety of user types: “prosumers” requiring multiple lines and identities; small businesses seeking a high-quality, high-functionality mobile communications system to replace fixed-line services; and larger businesses requiring mobile communication and collaboration services that are truly converged with existing fixed UC services. Mobile UC can also provide packages for businesses that need to support and migrate legacy mVPN and mobile Centrex services.

In the age of messaging, Mobile UC offers a rich set of team collaboration features to help businesses maximize staff productivity and customer service. Mobile UC facilitates group collaboration with audio and video conferences, unified voice and video messaging, group chat and SMS, including multi-user/business SMS. Larger business can benefit from the integration of Accession Meeting, which enables users to create and participate in conferences and webinars. Users can schedule meetings in advance or create them ad-hoc — even from within a call.

Businesses and their mobile employees can setup and manage Mobile UC easily. Intuitive web portals allow new users to sign-up and setup their applications rapidly, and enable administrators to create and manage groups. Users can define their personal and business identities, incoming call rules and presence status, and can seamlessly initiate web and video meetings.

Metaswitch has a rich heritage as a leading provider of UC services to network operators. The great demand for mobile-centric business communications service compels mobile network operators to get solutions to market quickly. Metaswitch helps operators move fast, with cloud native communications software designed for today’s highly elastic and scalable networks, as well as a range of engineering, operations and marketing resources to enable our customers to be successful.

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