MaX by Metaswitch

Innovative revenue-generating services that maximize the mobile experience

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    Multi-persona, multi-device service for voice and SMS

  • Group communication and collaboration

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    Network intelligence for automated identity management

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    Network voice provides superior voice quality

  • Native dialer integration and Android and iOS support

  • Suitable for prosumers, families and small businesses / teams


The ubiquity of mobile communications, our changing work/life patterns and the BYOD phenomenon have created new challenges for small businesses, prosumers and families. Common struggles include juggling multiple communications personas on one device; dealing with poor voice quality from over-the-top (OTT) apps; and figuring out how to provide great customer service from an all-mobile team.

MaX by Metaswitch is a cloud native, carrier-grade mobile group communications product that enables mobile network operators to blend the native dialer of the smartphone with network-based voice and messaging services, multiple personas, group communications and collaboration features, and simple options for users to manage and control the experience from their mobile devices.

  • Native dialer experience
  • Multi-device support for voice and SMS
  • Cross-platform: consistent UX on Android and iOS
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Multiple lines or identities for voice and SMS
  • Network-based intelligence automates the handling of multiple identities
  • Network voice support
  • Incoming call management
  • Call join / call transfer
  • Shared business identity for all users in a team
  • Group Feed dashboard of team activities
  • Group chat, presence, and location sharing
  • Team call routing
  • Team admin and policy controlled from the mobile device
  • Rebrandable mobile app
  • Cloud native VNFs
  • Exposes group policy APIs for integration with third-party applications
  • Compatible with VoLTE and 2G/3G networks
  • Supports existing authentication, billing, interconnect, mobility, emergency and regulatory requirements

Download our white paper "The application of cloud native design principles to network functions virtualization".

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Why use MaX by Metaswitch?

Mobile network operators are in fierce price wars to acquire and retain high-value customers. They need to build loyalty and sustainable competitive advantage. They can do this by delivering a new breed of services targeted at the growing and underserved mass market segments.

By exploiting their inherent infrastructure, brand and distribution advantages, mobile network operators can create meaningful non-price differentiation and build greater loyalty in the high-value, high-growth prosumer, family and small business mass markets with the addition of a better experience for communications, collaboration and customer-engagement.

  • Provide innovative revenue-generating services for underserved mobile mass markets
  • Compete with over-the-top (OTT) apps and services, with superior UX and QoS
  • Extend your brand on to mobile devices
  • Built on robust, scalable and flexible cloud-native software
  • Easy to deploy, set-up, and use
  • Marketing support program to accelerate go-to-market
Mobile network operators are looking for new and innovative solutions that meet the growing needs of the cord-cutting family, multiple-mobile carrying individuals and small businesses … and service innovations that deliver returns on their IMS and VoLTE investments. With MaX by Metaswitch, you not only have a next-gen consumer and business experience, but more importantly, you also have a carrier service positioned for toe-to-toe competition against the growing raft of over-the-top (OTT) services knocking at every user’s front door.

Bill Haskins, UC Analyst, Wainhouse Research

Bill Haskins
UC Analyst, Wainhouse Research

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