MetaSphere QCall

Put the trust back into Caller ID and eliminate robocalls

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    Leading implementation of STIR / SHAKEN standards to prevent Caller ID spoofing

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    First implementation to successfully complete the ATIS Testbed

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    Powerful diagnostics and troubleshooting with Metaswitch’s Service Assurance Server

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    Cloud native design with low friction deployment options

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    Scalable to any size of network and deployed in an N+k redundant topology

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    Flexible support for multiple network types, including IMS and NGN

Metasphere QCall powers the STIR / SHAKEN capability of TNS’s Call Guardian Authentication Hub

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Robocallers are spoofing Caller ID to trick people into answering their calls.

Metaswitch’s MetaSphere QCall enables network operators to verify Caller ID and protect their subscribers from fraudulent robocallers.

Our cloud native and scalable MetaSphere QCall prevents robocallers spoofing Caller ID by signing and verifying Caller ID in line with the STIR / SHAKEN standards.

  • Fully standards-compliant implementation of the STIR / SHAKEN standards
  • Securely signs the Caller ID at the originating carrier and verifies Caller ID at the terminating carrier
  • Deploy alongside Perimeta SBC or a third-party SBC in an NGN network, or as a SIP Application Server in an IMS network
  • Comprehensive diagnostics and troubleshooting with Metaswitch’s Service Assurance Server
  • Cloud native design, with fully orchestrated support on both VMware and OpenStack
  • Scalable, active-active, geo-redundant and highly efficient use of virtual machines
  • Each instance supports 300 signing transactions per second (TPS) or 200 verification TPS
  • Single centralized network function handling private keys

Why use Metaswitch’s MetaSphere QCall?

Unwanted robocalls are the number one consumer complaint about communication services. Consumers in the USA receive an estimated 2.4 billion robocalls every month. Robocalling devalues the telephone number and increases the likelihood that a subscriber will not pick up genuine calls or even take their business elsewhere.

Making things worse, badly behaved robocallers are using spoofing techniques to trick your subscribers into believing that their calls are originating from their neighborhood ("neighbor spoofing") or from a trusted organization like a national bank.

Regulators in the USA and Canada are drafting and implementing legislation that will mandate that service providers verify that Caller ID is accurate. MetaSphere QCall gives service providers the power to verify Caller ID, protect their subscribers from fraudulent robocalls.

Metaswitch has over a decade’s experience deploying highly available call control solutions in carrier network. Additionally, MetaSphere QCall is the first implementation of STIR / SHAKEN to successfully pass the ATIS testbed.

Combining this with our cloud native leadership means that we are uniquely positioned to provide the ideal STIR / SHAKEN design into carriers of any size.

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