Perimeta SBC

Recognized as the leading cloud native carrier-class virtualized session border controller

  • icon-cloud-native-deployment

    A pure cloud native virtualized network function

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    Architected for distributed signaling and media

  • icon-service-assurance-server

    Proven performance under heavy loads and attacks

  • icon-messaging

    Powerful transcoding and message manipulation

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    Real-time KPI monitoring and deep analytics

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    Works with independent VNF managers and MANO


Perimeta is the first cloud native virtualized session border controller (vSBC) proven to deliver the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) interworking and security performance demanded of large-scale rich communications services.

Perimeta meets the challenges of today’s networks with capabilities that deliver sophisticated network security, advanced management of packet throughput under all load conditions, extensive protocol interworking and normalization and complete packet analysis for in-depth problem isolation and repair.

  • Cloud native VNFs
  • Deploy as a virtual machine (VM) or in containers
  • Supports VNF lifecycle managers (VNFM)
  • Supports any mainstream Management and Orchestration (MANO) platform
  • Designed with microservices
  • Supports decomposed signaling and media functions
  • Encryption, authentication and dynamic blacklisting
  • Comprehensive media transcoding function
  • Enables multiple types of networks, protocols and devices to work together seamlessly
  • Real-time analytics

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Why use Metaswitch’s Perimeta SBC?

As fixed line and mobile network operators transition their voice services to cloud-based all-IP infrastructures, internetworking and security devices in the access and interconnect layers must evolve.

With VoLTE deployments intensifying, and with the rising number of client endpoints featuring innovative HD voice codecs, video chat capabilities, presence and instant messaging, network operators will demand increased capacity and flexibility from their SBC at dramatically lower cost per-session.

  • Our cloud native software is robust, scalable and flexible
  • Incredible flexibility in deployment: on COTS hardware or in private, public and hybrid clouds
  • Allows dynamic scaling of signaling and media traffic independently and on demand
  • Independent test show superior protection against attacks, including DDoS, fuzzing or malformed packet attacks
  • Continues to process traffic at wirespeed during attacks
  • Makes it faster and easier to expand a network and deploy innovative new applications while retaining existing services and investments
  • Simplifies communication between different networks and endpoints
  • Helps network operators to quickly identify and resolve issues
  • Helps continually measure service operation against important key performance indicators (KPIs)
We were genuinely surprised at how quickly were were able to deploy the platform and provision the first live subscribers. We are looking forward to expanding our relationship with Metaswitch in the future.”
Norbert Laux
VP Operations, Deutsche Telekom North America Inc.
  • AT&T
  • Telstra

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